Alicia Keys Ignites ‘Girl on Fire’ Video Set

Alicia Keys

She’s just a girl, but she’s on fire. Alicia Keys ignited the set while shooting the video for her new single “Girl on Fire.” Fresh from her European promo tour, the R&B powerhouse teamed up with director Sophie Muller (Beyoncé, No Doubt) on her first music video since 2009’s “Empire State of Mind.”

Alicia gave her fans a sneak peek at the fierce wardrobe including colorful beaded heels and bright nail polish.

“We spent weeks thinking about this music video to explain how every woman is a #girlonfire!” she tweeted. “This shoot is NUTZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t WAIT for you to see what we’re cookin’ up!!!!!”

According to Rolling Stone, John Legend co-wrote an “eerie piano ballad” called “Listen to Your Heart” with Alicia for her upcoming album Girl on Fire, which hits stores November 27.

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  1. kwayzee

    hope the video is the Inferno version. Its #20 on iTunes.. plus the video will get more views.


    Roman Empire Reply:

    @kwayzee, TRUE, but I’m getting tired of Her Minajesty having to SAVE these hoes! She show you bitches how to put together punch lines but it ain’t workin out/it’s not crunch time. tf alicia man-grabbin ass doing in this photoshoot doeeeeeee ?


  2. Matheus

    quero que tenha a Nique menaje


  3. Hip-Hop Fiend

    Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj in the same video would be a whole lot of ass… Can’t wait to hear the song John Legend co-wrote for her


  4. truth(Nicki is a hoe u bitch and i DRAAAGS her stans chile)

    It’s NO secret that i HAAAATE icki but on HTIS song she brought it..?? DAMN!! DID I JUST SAY THAT???!!


  5. deeJay

    Can’t wait to see this video. My have the time has change, remember back int he ’90 you release the video three or four months before the album comes. We REAL CREATIVE PEOPLE have changed the game.


  6. Carla

    Alicia Keys has always brought the FIYAH!

    She is an exceptional talented singer and musician.

    I love the song, “Girl on Fire”. We all are find your inner strength and soar.


  7. Tailormade

    Sorry but I do not like this song regardless if the video is dope or not. I like the old Keys music.


    KayeV Reply:

    @Tailormade, same here .. i prefer the old Alicia ( the diary Era ) . this new sound especially with Minaj aint cutting it for me



    Am I the only one that doesn’t really like this song? Alicia hasn’t been good since her Diary CD, after that the rest had 1 or 2 songs that was good, it seemed rushed and her vocals was strained when she tries to hit those notes. I like her but I’m underwhelmed at the moment with her..


  9. frank

    pls come out of the closet already


  10. Jay

    Sweet!! Can’t wait to see this video!!! And I’ve always thought Alicia and Legend should do a song together. :)


    Sonya Reply:

    @Jay, I agree, Alicia and Legend would be great together.

    @Frank, I think you’re obsessed with wanting her to be what you want her to be. Let it go.

    I loved Alicia and her music before and I love her today also. She is a very talented lady who continues to bless us with her wonderful gift. More power to her.


  11. MmmHmm



  12. NINI



  13. Kelvin

    Haters get a life, Alicia has left “diary ” days, she is exploring and growIng, if u don’t like it, then listen to someone else, alOt of other people like this song, if not it wouldn’t be doing so good on charts, love her and can’t wait to see the video


  14. Kas

    She was 34678754x better before. Hef music now is terrible


  15. R to the Y down C sunnie K

    Nice photo pic


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