Miguel Talks Style, Roscoe Dash Beef, & State of R&B on ‘The Breakfast Club’


With his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream in stores today, Miguel stopped by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” for a candid interview. Among other things, the “Adorn” singer opened up about his past creative missteps, rumors of his sexuality, beef with singer Lloyd, the pesky songwriting plagiarism accusations from Roscoe Dash, and the current state of R&B.

On his look when he first came out: “Looking back, I did look odd though… In the midst of trying to maintain some kind of individuality, while being marketed a certain way, I was just trying to be myself in the midst of being pressured to be something I wasn’t. You know when someone rushes you to make a decision, sometimes you don’t make the best decision because you’re trying to keep up.”

On how he’s changed: “I’m much more sturdy as a person and I’ve just found what complements me and who I really am.”

On the gay rumors: “I think at first, kind of getting acclimated to the fact that people are watching and everything you do is scrutinized, I had to take a step back. Now when I look at everything, I just know that first and foremost is the music. I don’t want to do anything that detracts from who I am as an artist. People are gonna say what they’re gonna say.”

On why he released his album in parts: “We consume music in smaller doses; just being online, you’re discovering a new artist a song or two at a time. What I wanted to do was basically engage different types of music consumers. I just took the first three songs and put it out and the second three songs and put it out and the last three. And all together, it makes up this album… People don’t have to feel like they’re committing all their time at once.”

On his past issues with Lloyd: “It’s so retarded. It’s not even worth talking about. I ran into Lloyd… I approached him about it, man to man.”

On his experience at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards: “I did catch a couple of moments of tension between artists and certain other artists in the crowd. Like literally in the midst of performing, kinda like checking other artists they might have beef with.”

On his “beef” with Roscoe Dash: “Of all people, of course he’s gonna attack the R&B dude! I have no idea [if Roscoe really wrote Wale's "Lotus Flower Bomb"]. I was asked to be a part of the song, so when I got the song, what was written was written by certain parties… I know what I wrote and I got credit for what I wrote.”

On the current state of R&B: “I think in general, R&B has gotten really lazy. It’s become more of a stereotype. When you think of R&B, you think of bedroom and you think sexy or R&B crooner. Buzz words… I’m just hoping to inspire non-lazy R&B music.”

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  1. white hos love BBC

    i was fukkin wth adorn in Jan on that art deal chic mixtape


    Roman Empire Reply:

    @white hos love BBC, At fisrt I could had SWORN dude was gay but I copped that album and shit be legit. #TEAMgotEnoughMoneytoBUYalbums


  2. Oh

    His album slays


  3. Miguel



  4. Brian

    this dude aint rnb!


    Heather Reply:

    @Brian, He’s R&B.


  5. Kyle

    In terms of male R&B singers, I agree with him in regards to the current state of R&B. I think all male R&B singers focus on too much sex in their music which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when that’s ALL you talk about it makes the listener start to realize that your music lacks substance. With female R&B singers, I’ve seen them step their game up in the past couple years especially with newcomers like Melanie Fiona, Janelle Monae and Elle Varner. If you look at Miguel, he is definitely in his own lane right now and is setting himself apart from other male R&B singers. He is doing something right…


  6. poe

    says the person who has a song on his new album called pussy is mine lol


  7. poe

    says the person who has a song on his album named pu$$y is mine lol



    Really can’t stand this guys attitude!


  9. Girl Bye

    I really like Miguel but i think that he’s trying too hard …image wise


    fol Reply:

    @Girl Bye, Im in love with his music until he does a interview then he just looks like an ass


  10. Jay

    Miguel seems like a real cool dude. And Adorn is that deal!!! Sure Thing and All I Want Is You are amazing song too.


    S* Reply:

    @Jay, preach!!


  11. Nathan

    Roscoe Dash wrote the Carolina Panthers’ game plan against the ATL Falcons too.


  12. Guyahnah

    Ion know about al of that but I do value Miguel’s opinion on the state of R&B To date I grew up on Individuals like Alexander O Neal, Tamia, Shalamar, Howard Hewitt To say the least, and music is not what it use to be form then to now Now a Days most can’t sing live, and would rather have the studio step in, and tune their voices to sound robotic it’s a insult to real music


  13. R to the Y down C sunnie K

    nice interview


  14. chabie kigs

    This man in my eyes trueli can’t do no wrong..

    I love his songs, his new image..

    And the Roscoe dash thing, hypothetically even if Miguel dd steal the lyrics or wateva I don’t think think he’d steal it from a guy who is kn0wn 4 a hook abt “Girls droppin it to the floor with no hands”

    Miguel has class…


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