New Music: CeeLo Green f/ Christina Aguilera – ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ [Snippet]

CeeLo's Magic Moment

It’s only October, but CeeLo Green is already in a jolly state of mind. The Goodie Mob member joins forces with his “Voice” co-star Christina Aguilera on the Christmas standard “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from his upcoming holiday album CeeLo’s Magic Moment, due October 30.

Originally penned in 1944 by Frank Loesser, CeeLo and Christina’s smooth rendition adds soul to the Christmas favorite. The song has been re-done by several big names including Ray Charles, Bette Midler, and even the cast of “Glee.”

The album will feature other Christmas classics like “White Christmas,” “This Christmas,” “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” and “All I Need Is Love” featuring The Muppets. The multi-talented performer will be accompanied by some special guests at “CeeLo and Friends,” a concert to be held at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on October 10. CeeLo will perform songs off the album along with artists from NBC’s “The Voice,” with the special to debut November 26 on The Warner Sound.

Listen to 90 seconds of CeeLo and Xtina’s holiday duet and stream snippets from the entire album on iTunes.

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  1. Yo!

    Baby Jane lives!!!!!!!!!!


    Voice Reply:


    Debutina lives, Reflectiontina lives, Spanishtina lives, Christmastina lives, Strippedtina lives, KeepsGettinBettertina lives, Bionictina lives, Burlesquetina lives, all tinas live!!!

    Discography-tina is FLAWLESS!

    Lotustina COMING SOON!!!!!!! November 2012!!


  2. Madi



  3. iamthediva

    Those falsetto’s combined with the normal singing is soo difficult!
    But she nails it, as usual!
    hope they go live!


  4. Sabrina

    Amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to purchase!!!!


  5. Linny

    This is getting me in the Christmas Spirit already! Can’t wait to pick this album up. Christina and Ceelo sound amazing together!


  6. Albert Livingstone

    This is one falwless vocal performance. Their voices compliment each other and blend so well. Christina once again showing why she’s ahead of the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer, Kelly and co. This is one sublime vocal performance. Stunning simply stunning


  7. shaylin1985

    sounds like a new classic from xtina and ceelo they sound great together


  8. Ana

    My god eargasm


  9. Jorge



  10. Justdr



    Curt Reply:

    @Justdr, really, is this necessary? whose ass are you shitting on. nobody’s? that’s what i thought.


    Justdr Reply:

    @Curt, Yes it’s very necessary. But it wasn’t necessary for you to ask me who I’m shitting on because my post had nothing to do with me. But to respond, well…I’m shitting on you. Thanks.


    Key Reply:

    @Justdr, omg you’re making me laugh so hard !


    brit123 Reply:

    @Justdr, seriously, shut up


    Justdr Reply:

    @brit123, Nope. Lol.


    Lisa Reply:

    @Justdr, Beyonce wishes her echo effect and soulless voice could sht on Christina. Christina remains listed with the greats while Beyonce is nowhere to be found.


    Justdr Reply:

    @Lisa, First of all, I don’t know wtf u mean by echo effect. Second of all, you must be delusional to say Beyonce has a soulless voice. Have u heard “Love on Top” or Beyonce’s rendition of “At Last” or her live version of “The Way We Were?” And that’s not even the half of it. Your ignorance is very prevalent.


    Etta James Reply:

    @Justdr, Girl please, Christina blows Beyonce out of the water anyday of the week. Call me when she is listed above Christina on any list of best vocalists. Christina’s voice shits on Beyonce’s basic ass. Deal.


    Fa Reply:

    @Justdr, if you believe Beyonce is the best there is, you need to come again. You must be a twen! LOL


    Legendtina Aguilegend Reply:


    It’s funny and kind of cute how it’s literally ONLY Beyonce fans that think that Beyonce id a better singer than freaking Christina Maria Aguilera.



    Everybody knows Christina is the voice of the generation.

    Period, point blank, bottom line.

    Beyonce is a good singer, but her singing is very average and boring and thin and weak in comparison to a vocalist like Christina.

    There are like two groups of singers :

    Christina is like Whitney and Mariah and Celine… right…

    Whereas, Beyonce is like Adele and Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson…… you know??

    Two different groups.

    Poor Beyonce fans, they cannot accept this REALITY. LOL….


  11. Jay

    YEAH!!! They sound amazing together!! I can’t wait to hear this album!!! Christina is seriously one of the most AMAZING vocalist I’ve ever heard growing up! :)


  12. DRB

    Love Cee-Lo. Christina’s voice is gorgeous when she isn’t screaming, groaning, and doing her typical “2 runs fits all” shtick.


    Amazinglera Reply:


    People are such idiots.

    Christina Aguilera has her own singing style! Very foking unique, worldwide!
    Why hate make negative comments like that? You should be glad Christina doesn’t sound like some wack and useless autotuned robot.

    Get used to it!!!

    Christina’s runs, melisma, adlibing, belts, screams… get used to it all!!!! Because that stuff isn’t going anywhere!!!!

    I LOVE Christina for it!!!!!!!!!!! XD


  13. Dave

    They really compliment each other amazingly well. Christina’s vocal versatility is also amazing. She does this sound effortlessly. Really interested in this album, even aside from this collabo with Chrissy.


  14. Adrienne



  15. Alessa

    This is one of the most beautiful vocal performances EVER. The Beauty of Christina’s tone truly anihilates the other girls chances of even aspiring to be regarded as some of the greatest vocalists ever. If this song doesn’t shut up the annoying and deluded Beyonce fans who think that their fave with overall ratchet and miniscule voice is the second coming of Whitney i don’t kno what would lol. Flawless vocal performance by the greatest vocalist of our times.


    Justdr Reply:

    @Alessa, She only sounds good in lower registers. When she starts to sing high her voice begins to strain and sound annoying. Example: her national anthems. Beyonce’s national anthem trumps her’s easily. Thanks.


    Demi Reply:

    @Justdr, This minute and a half clip decapitates Beyonce’s entire discography. She’s contrived. She can’t do soul like Christina. Beyonce has a “cleaner” voice, but Christina’s voice still over powers Beyonce’s. Let’s be real.


    Voice Reply:


    I have to assume that Beyonce fans don’t know anything about REALLY OUTSTANDING SINGING.

    They don’t really know what it is.

    They are slightly uneducated when it comes to that.

    Otherwise, they would clearly hear how Christina Aguilera is 5 trillion times superior.


  16. LDN

    Get ‘em CC! (not you Ciara, you just keep on working on that “album” of yours…m’kay)


  17. Daniel

    Christina Aguilera’s sounded amazing on this track. Where this girl get’s soul from I will never know but she can def. blow notes. Love this.


    Voicelera Reply:


    Christina is a prodigy. You cannot teach what Christina has… you’re born with it, it’s genetic.


    Christina has epic pipes and an epic singing style because she is so incredibly passionate about music and singing.

    And Christina went through a lot as a child. She always dreamed of getting away from the violence at home and the bullying from other kids that alienated her. She would often zone out completely and imagine herself as a professional singer.

    All this = Christina VOICElera, voice of a generation!


  18. dduarte008



  19. Looney

    Christina Aguilera needs to step into jazzy blues because THIS is surreal.


    Voicelera Reply:

    This reminds me of Christina’s first Christmas album that she had released in the year 2000.

    That album is pure annihilation! LOL
    I mean vocally, that CD is crazy, it’s EPIC!

    Christina’s singing style is so incredible!!
    The one and only, there is only one Christina Aguilera.


  20. Christmas Soon

    I cannot wait to buy this CD!!!!!!

    I love Cee-Lo’s voice. And Christina is my favorite female singer of all times.

    This Christmas album will be flawless, I already know.


  21. Bella

    This sounds promising!

    Christina sounds so soft and soothing. Both of their vocals blend well together and compliment each other. Thumbs up!


  22. maya

    oving Xtina’s vocals on this.


  23. R to the Y down C sunnie K

    beautiful song


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