New Music: Kid Cudi – ‘King Wizard’

Kid Cudi

After teasing with a snippet over the weekend, Kid Cudi delivers the full version of his new song “King Wizard.” The self-produced cut will appear on his upcoming album Indicud, which he declares is his best work yet.

“Mark my words, INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made. Know that I’m not lying,” he tweeted.

All hail King Wizard.

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  1. Bryan A.

    Kid Cudi is Dope yo. One of my favorite Music Artist. This Song right here is just Amazing. love the vibe. Kid Cudi Never i mean NEVER Disappoints me with his Music.


  2. Slim

    Simply Dope


  3. TYREK - @YaBoyRek

    I f*cks with this on real g shit.


    Rauno Reply:

    @TYREK – @YaBoyRek,

    What does that even mean?


    Tebron Reply:

    @Rauno, No one knows what it means, but its provocative


    Joyams Reply:

    @Tebron, hahaha good one


    Pusha T Reply:

    @Joyams, It Makes People Going , Balls So Hard


  4. Travis Lee



  5. Aziz



  6. Aziz

    sssuuuperrrrrrrrrrrrrr))))))))))) yo>>>>>yo


  7. herry

    cudi could literally burp over a beat for 5 minutes and his fans would still force themselves masturbate to it.


    AmyMescudi Reply:

    @herry, Uhmmmmm fuck yes!


    KT Reply:

    @herry, I’ve never heard an “artist” say so little over the span of his career than this dude.


  8. jackswagger

    his album going to be better than Wiz khalifa, i like this and his other song “Just the way i am” so far he’s 2-0


  9. AmyMescudi

    Cudi is the inly rapper that gives me hope in this world. Keep it goen Cudders!!! Dope ass song from a dope ass rapper. You never disappoint


  10. boom boom

    I fuckin love him! He’s a beast! However, i hate when artist make those kind if statements though, because it usually happen to fail.

    Just make your amazing music that you do, and surprise us with the final outcome.


  11. Miszi

    Love this, hopefully album is gonna be just as good.


  12. Liam

    Good song, but he’s a damn fool if he actually believes OR believes WE actually believe this will be “the greatest album ever made.”


  13. chris shorts



  14. RoyalTprod

    G.o.o.d music…i will admit the lyrics werent tht good…but hes not a lyrisit,but the production is hot its real tight..i can tell this was produced by him n he wrded on hard on it.its gonna b his theme song i bet now…love how the bridge at the end with his auto tuned voice connects bck to the hook n beat…it was cinematic for me. This song was a strong 8.8/8.9 out of ten


  15. Jay

    I freaking love Cudi’s music!!! I don’t even know how to classify his music. He’s like a singer, but a rapper. He doesn’t follow any kind of musical rules, I LOVE IT!!! This song is INSANE!!! :)


  16. R to the Y down C sunnie Kye

    nice Song


  17. Raw Talent

    Music was good.. I mean really good but lyrics are bad. 1. I guess I got to know these codes he is saying, 2. Several times he disrespects God, like he is numb to it. I’m a fan of music and of Cleveland, but I was morally forced to not let it play anymore in my I phone, and it’s sad cause the music is very creative. Yaw got to pay attention to what these artist are saying, it’s reckless. Maybe I’m trippin?


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