Video: Miguel – ‘Do You…’

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi

Fast cars, the desert, and bedroom eyes. Miguel drops a sexy and romantic visual for his ballad “Do You…” from his brand new album Kaleidoscope Dream.

When he’s not seducing a lovely young lady, he’s traipsing through the desert in this music video. Interspersed with a performance scene, the crooner romances his real-life girlfriend Nazanin Mandi inside a vintage car and against a wall, among other places.

The singer spoke at length about his music, sexuality, and creative direction with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” today. “I’m just hoping to inspire non-lazy R&B music,” he said.

He explained his strategy behind releasing Kaleidoscope Dream in parts as a way to give fans music they could easily process. “We consume music in smaller doses; just being online, you’re discovering a new artist a song or two at a time. What I wanted to do was basically engage different types of music consumers. I just took the first three songs and put it out and the second three songs and put it out and the last three. And all together, it makes up this album… People don’t have to feel like they’re committing all their time at once.”

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  1. America Most Wanted

    This song is DOPE!! His girl is Sexy!


  2. chep

    this girl is your girlfriend


  3. hood

    this dude is making the best r&b music out right now.not over sexxed and no rapping.usher,neyo,trey,breezy,dream plus sit your 5 dollar asses down and take notes


  4. Creative Minds

    If this song doesnt go to number one on Billboard Hot 100 and R&B there is a huge problem cause this song is so BIG. Miguel is hands down the best artist out right now. PERIOD!!!


    Manj Reply:

    @Creative Minds,
    100% agree with this statement.What a nice video!


  5. Phoenix Wright

    Nice visual and his girl is beautiful

    He is what R&B needed. I definitely agree about that lazy r&b thing. I’m glad he switched it up and took a risk with this album.


  6. AAA

    Very nice


  7. Victoria

    Love this video. Miguel is so fresh and this video has given me life! Dude reminds me of Prince…I wonder if he counts him among his inspirations.


  8. Lovelivelife



  9. Jackie Rayne

    Thank you Miguel for bringing R&B back! He is very talented, I understand he dislikes being in the Prince category but he is getting up. Great video & beautiful girlfriend!


  10. Will

    Album is so freaking classic just amazing and this song is proof of that. Timeless music. Miguel is a rare talent dude deserves all the success in the world.


  11. Luna

    omg this song is so sexxxy and sweet at the same time. LOVE HIM! So much talent pouring out of Miguel it’s unreal. He’s here to stay!



    Miguel is the new prince


  13. R to the Y down C sunnie Kye

    that girl who’s in the video is his Girlfriend and they have been together for a longtime. Nice Song & Video


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