New Music: Bobby V f/ K. Michelle – ‘Put It In’

K. Michelle and Bobby V

Who says R&B is dead? Bobby V links with “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K. Michelle on the baby-making duet “Put It In.”

With a nostalgic ’90s feel, the slow jam has the two singers trading verses about making love and well, putting it in. The song is slated to appear on Bobby’s fifth album Dusk Till Dawn, due October 16.

In addition to K. Michelle, the album features Gucci Mane, Cassidy, Future, Red Cafe, and Lil Wayne on the lead single “Mirror.”

“Even though rap is dominating right now, people still need that soundtrack in their life that they want to hear when they’re with that special person, and Dusk Till Dawn is it,” said Bobby.

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  1. Bria

    this is so generic…when I hear Miguel, all the others are jokes to me..this seems like it wasn’t mixed right and it’s just very average, NOT SINGLE MATERIAL! maybe an album filler!


    KimIsTheQueen Reply:

    @Bria, I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!


  2. Lisa



  3. LDN

    That Single Artwork isn’t serious…I could’ve done a better job in Microsoft Paint. C’mon people…


  4. joey

    what a cheap looking cover


  5. Sweet

    AYYYYYY! This song kinda jam!!!


  6. ChilePlease



    Monroe Reply:

    @ChilePlease, do you watch asia star?


  7. KenBarbUK

    Both Of The Photos Are From Photoshop,Seen Them In tumblr


  8. EL

    That cover art…absolutely not.


  9. Gadiva

    The song is….cute. As much as I disagree with the way K. Michelle presents herself as an artist… you can’t deny the girl has a gift. Bobby is a good singer. He needs to get back to his first and 2nd album lane. I don’t know what direction he has now. He’s just out there. That’s just my opinion. I’m not even going to touch on that artwork.


    REAL R&B LOVER Reply:

    @Gadiva, I couldn’t agree with you more. Something with Bobby V was off but K Michelle she has that gift and sounded good but needs a new image..


  10. AIGHT



    Ice Reply:



  11. Dlighted

    Both of these rejects need to “Put In” some job applications and stop this foolishness



    great song Bobby V. i love it!


  13. Kristiopher

    ugh i can’t stand girls!!! Who gives a fuck about the cover! the song is the reason you’re hear & it sound str8 to me


  14. Justdr

    K. Michelle sounds good.!


  15. KimIsTheQueen

    K.Michelle saves the song tbh.


  16. joe franco

    has to be the WORST cover of the year.


  17. Lamar

    That doesn’t sound like K. Michelle to me but I agree with everyone who had something to say about the cover; its atrocious. Best of luck to Bobby V. though he keeps pushing!

    As for the song its just okay!


  18. Drake

    K. Michelle siiiings her asss off!!!!


  19. G.HO-Z

    That artwork!!!! One word…… Booboo!!! The song was nice though! K. Michelle is always on point with the vocals.


  20. Ririfan

    The graphic artist needs to die


  21. KayeV

    that cover art is making my head shake uncontrollably


  22. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    some people may not like this song and some people do like this song and it’s a nice song


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