New Music: Ne-Yo f/ Wiz Khalifa – ‘Don’t Make ‘Em Like You’

Ne-Yo and Wiz Khalifa

Ne-Yo and Wiz Khalifa raise a musical toast to the special ladies out there. The odd couple collaborates on “Don’t Make ‘Em Like You” from Ne-Yo’s fifth album R.E.D., available November 6.

“Here’s a toast to my ladies with class, I see ya babe,” sings Ne-Yo on the uplifting ode. Similar to his previous hit “Miss Independent,” the song is a shout-out to all of the independent, classy women. The Taylor Gang leader raps about his own leading lady, presumably his fiancée Amber Rose: “We be posing for the cameras/ We be reading all the comments.”

In an interview with Rap-Up TV last month, Ne-Yo broke down the meaning behind R.E.D., an acronym for Realizing Every Dream. “I called the album that because pretty much from age nine to now, every dream and every goal that I set for myself in regard to music has been realized through music,” he explained. “This album is a celebration of my first love, which is music.”

Collaborators include Stargate, No I.D., Sia (“Let Me Love You”), Da Internz, The Underdogs, and Diddy and Fabolous (“Should Be You”).

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  1. AAA

    Real nice Neyo


  2. B-Rad

    I actually really like this song, I just dont need wiz on this track


  3. Penny Proud Lil Sis



    massiveattack5 Reply:

    @Penny Proud Lil Sis, fans like you are retarded…musicians are ARTISTS, let them do music they wanna do. if you like it you like if not then on to the next one. i like ne-yo’s old stuff and i like new stuff, same with how i dont like some of his old stuff and some new stuff i dont care for either. i respect your opinion about not feelin the songs but get over the old ne-yo and new ne-yo cuz they’re the same person


    miles Reply:

    @Penny Proud Lil Sis, The old never went away. Go on itunes and search in
    Ne-Yo – In My Own Words
    Ne-Yo – Because Of You
    Ne-Yo – Year Of The Gentleman

    The old Ne-Yo is still alive and kicking


  4. hood

    dont like it.neyo needs to someone else to come in and write for him.all his records are sounding the same.this 1 and miss independent are in the same vein


  5. tgod

    @B-Rad, too bad keep hating on wiz and he getting paper. This a straight banger.


    roy Reply:

    @tgod, you are a nazi. They hating cause they dont need wiz on the track? wtf is wrong with you? YOURE the hater. Intolerant douchebag


  6. tgod

    I luv it real rnb.


  7. miles

    I like it. It makes me feel like I’m 14 again. this is what the radio sounded like then


  8. Ice

    I thought this album would make up for Libra Scale. Apparently not.


  9. miles

    Yall must be slow or something. This song is awesome


  10. anonymous

    Ehh… Nothing out the box. Same songs repackaged.


  11. Mr Nice Watch

    wiz is brain dead.


  12. Looney

    It looks like Ne-Yo wasn’t kidding when he said he’d be “blurring the lines” between R&B and pop. The radio will eat this up but I’m not feeling his sound.


  13. Nait Phoenix

    I’m getting “Champagne Life” meets “Miss Independent” with this track. It’s like In My Own Words 2.0, gotta love it.


  14. Bee_Gorgeous

    Like the record. The lyrics are true Neyo… didnt expect Wiz to come thru picture Wale on a beat like this but i like it


  15. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    shut yall hater ass up @ least they both are making their MOney. I like this song


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