Kendrick Lamar’s BET Hip Hop Awards Win ‘Ruined’ by Fight

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar isn’t amused at all by the fight that broke out backstage at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, especially because it overshadowed his win.

“It ruined my whole moment,” the “Swimming Pools” MC shared today during his visit to Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club.” Kendrick won the “Lyricist of the Year” accolade at the Atlanta awards show, but the Young Jeezy and Rick Ross brawl that ensued completely stole his thunder.

“Nobody wanted to talk about that Lyricist of the Year award. I went backstage and I’m hearing all type of rumbling and stuff and I’m like, ‘What’s happening?’” he recalled.

His security told him to stay in his dressing room. “Next thing you know I found out it’s a scuffle or what not.”

Kendrick is gearing up to release his highly-anticipated debut good kid, m.A.A.d city on October 22. The 17-track deluxe edition boasts appearances from Drake (“Poetic Justice”), Mary J. Blige (“Now or Never”), Jay Rock (“Money Trees”), and two records with his mentor Dr. Dre.

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  1. graffiti bandit

    “Nobody wanted to talk about that Lyricist of the Year award.”


    The BET Hip-Hop Awards wasn’t created to celebrate the musical artform – it was an excuse for a bunch of no-talented N-words to get together and act ignorant.

    This shit happens every other year. Take your win and chuck a deuce… and keep holding out for accolodes from a REAL awards show.


    Freeman Reply:

    @graffiti bandit, Wow have you ever listened to Kendrick? He actually is different then most artists, and don’t say “A real awards show” because you have to discount every music-specific awards show, obviously you’re one of those people where “everyone from te same working place is the same” so please speak on something you actually know…


  2. 666

    Yea shut yo ass up this was not the garmmys I respect KL but he’s kinda overated just sayin!


  3. 666



  4. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Man! Kendrick’s Album is goin’ to win a Grammy


    Kalin Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, The Grammys robbed your fave, J. Cole. You think they won’t rob this guy?


  5. Kesha

    Ain’t nobody checkin for u, yo voice annoying as he’ll! Bye


    Shae Reply:

    @Kesha, but then again, you still clicked this link, and niggas like you will most likely download the joint for free. Either way, he still wins. Stop hating.


  6. Jake

    Hold on, youngblood. Your album ain’t even out yet and your balls ain’t that big. No homo.


  7. Farrah

    ‘Lyricist of the year’ …. OK.

    Not taking anything away from K., but I just feel if Cole hadn’t gone M.I.A. like a muthafucka and dropped another mixtape, HE would’ve won that award. Because Friday Night Lights is EVERYTHING.


  8. Shae

    At the end of the day, those who fuck with K. Dot heavy, knows that award was well earned. I fucks with Cole to the fullest, but Dot deserved it. And some of y’all talkin’ bout grammys… “See y’all don’t understand me.
    My plan be is to win y’all hearts before I win a Grammy”… he’s saying some don’t understand what he’s trying to say. Hes trying to make real music and win peoples hearts and ears before he wins an award. The shit is self-explanatory. No dick riding, but this nigga is a problem… time will tell. Congrats to him doe.


    Vance Reply:

    @Shae, EXCESSIVE dickriding. Your pussy gotta be sore.


    Shae Reply:

    @Vance, you can’t even say HOW I’m “dick riding”… foh.


  9. LLF

    Leon Pharaoh is way better then this guy !!!!


  10. Dumb Khalifa

    the us needs more kendrick lamars considering the us scene is polluted with trash and this is from an outsider looking in


  11. @lex_DOE

    Been long we’ve seen someone rap so good since nas tho. Kendrick is the ish but the grammy will sly him as they did Drake jcole and others and give the award to names


  12. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    i understand what he is saying and Nice interview


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