Machine Gun Kelly Meets His Idol DMX


Even rappers have their favorite rappers. Machine Gun Kelly got to meet his idol DMX and documented the life-changing experience in his Lace Up Documentary.

“Today’s such a big day for me as an artist ’cause I get to meet my favorite artist and the person responsible for me even rapping in the first place,” says MGK, who emulates X’s signature growl.

Three hours later, X finally arrives. “Wow! It’s a pleasure, man,” he says, clearly enthused to meet the young upstart. “I don’t feel like that about many rappers. Your energy is crazy.”

MGK expresses his admiration (“You are the person responsible for my entire career”) before the two hit the studio to record “D3mons,” a dark collaboration for MGK’s debut Lace Up, due October 9.

“I wonder what Puff’s gonna think when he hears this,” says the Bad Boy rapper in the clip, which features footage from his Rap-Up TV interview.

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  1. boom boom

    what kinda drug is DMX on? smh


    Jay-Z Reply:

    @boom boom, its callec Crack Cocaine smh


    already Reply:

    @boom boom, it’s called yomamas crack


  2. Christopher Clark

    Does anyone think MGK is actually a good artist???


    Neickha Reply:

    @Christopher Clark, he’s okay better than a few i think.


  3. Brian



  4. youMAD?stayMAD!

    [yawns] 2 irrelevant mofos! next!



    white boy is star struck lmfao!

    #Respect doe… i like them both.


  6. Winston Churchill

    i love how DMX likes MGK but hates Drake when their basically the same kind of rapper. lmao


    Tbozfan10 Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, that’s weird huh?


    crack!!!!!! Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, nigguh are you smokin craCK how are mgk and drake anywhere near the same type of rapper


  7. key

    actually is my first time to even hear mgk voice,i willing to hear more…..not bad


  8. Rauno

    Again? They met up ages ago with a video out.


  9. TIAGO

    Congratulations MGK.


  10. Steve P

    people need to shut the f*ck up bout X on ‘crack’ or cocaine…if this dude was on crack as much as ya’ll think he is..he’d be dead by now. you cant do crack every day all day for 20 years and be like that. he obviously has had problems with crack in the past, but you can tell when he’s actually f*cked up. dude has always had high energy since he was underground, and always talked like that. buncha haters tryna jump on a hatewagon


  11. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    Machine Gun was so happy to meet his favorite rapper and Nice


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