Video: Miguel – ‘The Thrill’


Ever wondered what a night with Miguel is like? The heartthrob’s video for “The Thrill” gives a good idea of the hard partying and fun (as well as hangover) you can expect.

The black-and-white clip documents Miguel and his friends celebrating at a birthday party for Miguel’s girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi. There’s dancing, scantily-clad girls, and plenty of drinking and smoking as the night gets increasingly woozy and eventually turns into a blur.

“This video is a wild montage of my favorite moments within a single day of celebration,” Miguel tells Rolling Stone. “Real memories created amongst real friends and real family.”

His critically-acclaimed sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream is expected to debut in the top 3 next week with over 50,000 copies sold.

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  1. Phoenix Wright

    One of my favs off the album. The video does relate to the song but it deserved better.


  2. Jay

    Dope song!! I gotta get that album!!! :)


  3. domenico

    i got the album and i m from italy!!


  4. Brass_knucklez

    I bought the album yesterday. Soooo disappointed. The whole thing sounds like one long song, with the exception of maybe 3 songs.smh


    bmt Reply:

    @Brass_knucklez, you sound stupid #hater


  5. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way



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