Jay-Z Admires Barclays Center in Epic Photo


Jay-Z has captured the essence of his song, “The City Is Mine,” in a new photograph in which he stands over the streets of Brooklyn and admires the Barclays Center from his old “stash spot” at 560 State Street.

“On the roof at 560 State St. Words can’t describe,” wrote the Roc Nation mogul on his Life + Times website, along with the caption “No Ceilings.”

To christen the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, Jay has headlined a full week of shows, bringing out guests such as Big Daddy Kane and Memphis Bleek. In addition, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Pharrell, Big Sean, J. Cole, Rita Ora, and Bow Wow were spotted throwing up their diamonds in the crowd.

The final concert on Saturday will be live streamed so fans outside of New York City can enjoy the festivities.

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  1. maya

    It frustrates me when I see celebs in the SAME area I was at on the internet later on lol


    IllerBrown Reply:

    @maya, TRUU


    x Reply:

    @maya, ah ah ah that is so tru


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @maya, hes doin way too much wth his .000001 percent ownership. smh


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @white hos love BBC, So you say! HIS .000001 vs. YOUR .000000 … now you tell me who’s winning?#defNOTyou


  2. dodo

    nothing but respect.


  3. boombap

    great picture, great view, great rapper


  4. Imu

    This will go down as One amongs the Hov legacy.


  5. Hov

    thank you all – hov


  6. HQ

    I bet Jay thinking damn I came from walking in dem streets to owning arenas.


  7. nt

    i wonder if he thinking what I will pay to be able to walk the streets of brooklyn with no security like normal people. Freedom over $.


    GRAIN Reply:

    @nt, $ over paycheck to paycheck, unemployement, welfare, bad credit, etc,.


  8. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Hov Over All Mcs


  9. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    nice Picture Jay-z Carter Loving his home town Ny


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