2 Chainz, Rita Ora, Kreayshawn, & MGK Get ‘Wild’ in Tampa

Rita Ora and 2 Chainz

Rita Ora got up close with 2 Chainz at WiLD 94.1’s “Last Damn Show 14” in Tampa, Florida, over the weekend. The two hit the stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum along with Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, and more. The “R.I.P.” singer signed one fan’s ass and kicked it backstage with Kreayshawn, who debuted her new pink and black haircut.

Machine Gun Kelly wreaked havoc during his raucous set. Toward the end of his performance, the “Wild Boy” jumped on top of a brand new Scion, leaving a dent on the roof. After realizing the damage, he came back to autograph the $30,000 car, writing, “One small step for Kells, one big step for my wallet. I fu**ed up!”

Check out more pics from the WiLD weekend below.

Kreayshawn and Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Machine Gun Kelly

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. deelee

    this is a post full of FLOPS (besides 2 chainz). I know rita is successful in the UK yada yada yada dont come at me with that. women not shavin their pits is also a trend in the UK so is bad teeth… soo…


  2. Felisha

    Love Rita. My cuz said the show was great.


  3. aaliyah

    Kreayshawn is …


  4. 808

    No wonder these entertainers go HARD the first few years of their careers cus its a fact fans a love you one minute, then stone you the next minute whether your music is hot or not. 95% of blog comments are stoning someone rather than supporting them.


  5. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    look like they just having Fun & enjoying their time performance


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