Pharrell Hits the Studio with Jay-Z and Frank Ocean

Frank ocean, Pharrell, and Jay-Z

Now here’s a reason to get excited. Pharrell was recently in the studio with Jay-Z and Frank Ocean working on new music. While it’s unknown exactly what they were cooking up (New Jay-Z album? Watch the Throne 2?), Pharrell offered a teaser of their collaboration.

“Can’t wait for y’all to hear what I’m working on with big bro @S_C_ and lil bro @frank_ocean,” tweeted The Neptunes hitmaker.

Frank and Jay-Z previously collaborated on Watch the Throne and Pharrell produced “Sweet Life” for the Odd Future crooner’s critically-acclaimed debut channel ORANGE.

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  1. Tev

    LETS GO!!


    Neickha Reply:

    @Tev, Frank and P looking cute.


    cameron Reply:

    @Tev, …then they had a 3-way


  2. Hov

    notice how im sitting far away from frank, that dude tried to sniff my ass when we walked in, gotta keep an eye on that man – hov


    me Reply:

    @Hov, hahahahah u kill me all the time. actin lyk u jay


    Rowan Reply:

    @Hov, My dear. You have a face only a mother can love and you’re not that talented. Kay? Sorry.


    Jay Reply:

    @Rowan, not that talented? You´re kidding right?


    Leave A Reply Reply:

    @Jay, i KNEW jay z was hittin dat!


  3. coolio

    Frank Ocean can’t stop listening to your album dam Album of the year for sure!!!!


    Tev Reply:

    @coolio, Co Fuckin Sign


  4. miles

    OMFG its a Maschine in the background. I want that thing so freaking bad


  5. miles

    And it’s probally for Jay-Z’s solo album


  6. boom boom

    fuck yeah!!!! this is what i’m talking about. REAL fucking music.

    Fucking beast the 3 of them.

    @Coolio, hell yeah! that album is a masterpiece, I see grammy noms all over this..


  7. Matt C.

    I need an album from Hov


  8. Morgan



  9. sosonam

    oooo….. looks like ma mom’s cooking some meal…


  10. MEEET_

    FRANK !!!! :)



    you ever wonder what mental stress or capability it takes for some1 like JayZ in his geniousness to humble himself a few levels down for a newcomer like Frank Ocean. God, i wonder if Frank feels intimidated by such a beast of Jayz mindset, letalone Pharell too.


    Rowan Reply:, Lol, Frank writes, Jay Z doesn’t write. Frank plays instruments, Jay z doesn’t. I could go and on and on but you get the picture.

    Frank and Pharrell are the only true artists, the other one is an attention seeking overrated thug. Please a Tribe Called Quest et al were all better rappers then the Hov.


    miles Reply:

    @Rowan, Jay-Z = one of the dopest emcees ever
    Frank Ocean = singer
    why should he be embarrassed, Jay-Z can rap just as good as Frank Ocean sings.



    @Rowan, You must be a ATCQ stan because none of them is a better rapper than Hov. Hov is the main man. I don’t even need to explain but Hov is the main man



    like trying to find a medium to collaborate is really a Labor of Love….foreal


  13. EyFresh

    Get em!


  14. unplugged

    is pharrel wearing a skirt?


  15. :)



  16. maya

    looking forward to it, miss Pharrell’s beats on tracks.


  17. Jay

    The three of them together should be a great combination. Can’t wait to hear what they cook up in the studio! :)


  18. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    great Combination can’t wait to hear what they got


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