Video: T-Pain – ‘Hang Ups’


T-Pain has a lot to get off his chest in the venomous video for “Hang Ups.” The Auto-Tune pioneer doesn’t hold back, sounding off on the music industry, those who’ve used him, his imitators, and financial problems.

“I came to take my crown back, it’s about time,” he raps on the fiery record, which appears on his new mixtape Stoic. “I’m ripping new assholes and snatching out spines.”

Feel his fury in the no-holds-barred video.

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  1. fuckmonsanto

    This is the punk who phucked up music in the first place with all that auto-tune sh*t (which he stole from Zapp & Roger. This dude is washed up…a gimmick!Dissing people ain’t gonna help…with his ugly aZZ


    TEDDYPAIN84 Reply:

    @fuckmonsanto, aye Shut the fuck up u ignant stupid brrrdumb bitch. zapp aint used no fuckin auto tune u stewpid fock. And why u hatin on t-pain for ackin like u got a job. T-pain’s the shiiiet. NOBODY FUCKS WIT TEDDY PAIN, BITCH. U should get together with the rest these haters and sing kumbaia or sum shit. speakin of which, why yall hatin on a nigga, is it cuz yall aint got no deals, records, albums, or sum shit. yall sum brrrdumb asses.


    dabears Reply:

    @fuckmonsanto, talk box that roger and zapp used and auto tune are different things. how the frig is he a gimmick? more hits than most people, wasn’t for him half the people who are big now wouldn’t even be shit. back in 07-08 giving them #1 hits.


  2. phuckmonsanto

    This guy ain’t shiiieet!! Now he talking about he broke..smh he blew thru all his money, phucked up Hip-Hop with that gimmicky auto-tune mess in which he stole from Zapp & Roger, now he mad at everybody. smfh…he’s washed he making mixtapes! What goes up always come down….bet!


    Abdullah Reply:

    @phuckmonsanto, no hes talented as hell, u know nothing about him actualy


  3. Abdullah

    Pain is owning :-bd



    T-Pain… Hang it up. If he was a Ghost writer he’d make a lot of money. Save those beats for people who would slaughter them!


  5. Big Dawg

    Its funny how people who know nothing about hip hop says hes not talented. Remember hip hop is a movement, but the “new” crowd has taken it in a different direction. This is a song that gets back to the core bad ass beats and punch lines!


  6. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    damn Good ass Song This Could be True


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