Big Sean Enlists Nas for ‘Jesus Piece’

Big Sean and Nas

Big Sean is calling on a hip-hop legend for his next album. The G.O.O.D. Music MC has collaborated with Nas on “Jesus Piece.”

The No I.D.-produced song is set to appear on his sophomore album Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player. “It’s featuring one other person [too],” the 24-year-old told XXL. “It’s a classic hip-hop song. We don’t just talk about Jesus pieces in general, we talk about Jesus pieces and the impact they had around the time in our life when we got our first Jesus pieces, or when we saw our idols with their Jesus pieces.”

Other tracks featured on the album include “Mona Lisa,” produced by Da Internz, described as a “turn-up song” about women. Though it’s not Sean’s favorite, he predicts “it’s definitely a good song that I think people will appreciate.”

Another cut, the DJ Mano-produced “Ashley,” is a more emotional number about the rapper’s former flame and their relationship, which sputtered as his star rose. “To go from there to where we are now—the lost love and the love that’s still there,” he explained.

Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player, the follow-up to Big Sean’s 2011 debut Finally Famous, is slated for a December release.

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  1. Hov

    it aint coming out in december – hov



    @Hov, omg


  2. Humz

    Good to see nas continuing to collab after his album. Shows he’s here to stay rather than just hype for an album and them hibernate.


  3. KeepItReal



  4. KeepItReal

    ten years ago, Nas wasn’t collaborating with anyone now he’s working with suckers; Tyga, Wayne, Nicki, Meek & now Big Sean. i guess he’s trying to stay relevant & to appeal to a younger audience


    G.O.O.D. Reply:

    @KeepItReal, Just Shut Up Please


  5. Nielsen

    First Ross, then Game and now Sean. How many songs called “Jesus Piece” are we going to get this year?


  6. Jorge

    Im guessing its either Common or Kanye. Maybe Frank. I know sean said he couldnt get Nas and Common for his debut so maybe this is it. Also maybe Cole. And he said he collabed with frank as well. I am excited for this and the album!


  7. SeanDon

    can’t wait to hear seandons album!!!!
    it’s gonna be dope and the best of the year.. i think he’s such an underrated rapper and the best out there next to drake!


  8. dodo

    big sean, little hands.


  9. ayo

    it definitelty aint comin dis year

    no single out , no promo runs


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  11. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    I”d Love to work with em.


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