Game to Star in VH1 Reality Show ‘Marrying The Game’

Game and Tiffney

Game is making the leap from rapper to reality show star. VH1 has officially announced that the Compton MC will star in a new series, “Marrying The Game.”

The show follows the unlikely love story of Jayceon Taylor aka “The Game” and his straight-laced school teacher fiancée Tiffney Cambridge as they prepare to exchange vows. Their two children, King Justice, 5, and Cali Dream, 1, will also make appearances.

Last year, Game made headlines after getting engaged to Cambridge, a fifth grade history teacher, and then calling it off, only to later move forward with wedding plans.

Cambridge fell in love with Jayceon, but wanted nothing to do with his rap alter ego. After eight years and two children, she finally agreed to marry him.

In each episode, viewers will see how love brought this unlikely couple together and how they work through their differences. Find out if they make it down the aisle when the season premieres on November 19 at 9:30 p.m.

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  1. blank

    They should call these shows Scripted TV. These shows are far from being reality.


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @blank, thts his mama. thts not his wife. wdf


  2. Yo

    She looks so old.


  3. Meme

    And this is why he calls off his wedding. To put it,on fukin tv. These celebrities are ridiculous.


    JK Reply:

    @Meme, just throwin’ it out there that it was mentioned before hte whole “calling it off” that it would be made into a tv show.
    still, it was stupid in my opinion too…


  4. LAX

    She looks like his mother S.m.h


  5. KayeV

    she does look old , like really old like sooo old


  6. Ya Fav 1ne

    hey aint nuthin wrong with a cougar

    they are the shit


  7. jasmine

    cant wait for this! I LOVE the game!


  8. Shae

    I’m actually excited to see this show! : )


  9. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way



  10. BeezBiZzayBee

    Body language says alot!


  11. derrickmccoy

    real good excited alot love relatioship love ur all kids good season smart real man the world happy marrying new life furture the game a man real life his love wife forever it


  12. carolyn

    She should stop acting like a 5th grader, and support your man, are you sure you are a teacher ,you knew that he was a rapper when you met him or was it the money. Rap it up or grow up….


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