Video: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘F*ck N Get It Over With’

Marsha Ambrosius

Expect the unexpected from Marsha Ambrosius. The British songstress debuts the suspenseful video for her new song “F*ck N Get It Over With.” Marsha sings about doing it in the college dorms, on her cousin’s couch, and even at her mama’s house, but both parties know the relationship isn’t going to last.

“We both know it ain’t gonna work out, so we may as well just f*ck n get it over with,” she sings as she drives in her Range Rover to her lover’s house. Just wait until you see who’s waiting for her in the surprise ending.

Marsha has been working on her sophomore album Friends & Lovers with Pop & Oak and Dre & Vidal. “You can expect me to be a complete asshole on one album,” she told Rap-Up TV. “Honestly and openly, the expressions of a woman, a very honest woman, and I’m not taking any prisoners.”

[Sway’s Universe]

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  1. Tone

    So shes gay -___-


    Raj Reply:

    @Tone, So what??


    bEEzy Reply:

    @Tone, Something wrong with that?


  2. yeah

    lesbo much


    coolio Reply:

    @yeah, So what?


  3. leaiveit2me

    Her friend is soooooooo fine.


  4. D. Kellz

    This song is great I’ve been waiting for Marsha to come back out with a sophomore album and she’s bringing the heat again.
    Keep making that great R&B smooth music I love to hear.


  5. MmmHmm



  6. DRB

    Another great, underrated R&B act. Powerful voice, great song. Her video needs a real budget but I understand.


    Curt Reply:

    @DRB, Lol, but her videos have been pretty low-key in the past too.


  7. Sharp Tongue

    Yessssssss for her putting out a sophomore album.


  8. Ice

    True talent. And if you couldn’t tell that Marsha was lesbian you must be blind.


  9. LAX

    Damn She can SING


  10. TRA

    Marsha Ambrosius is a great, underrated, talented R&B singer and music artist. I am happy that Marsha Ambrosius is coming out with her sophomore album. I could careless if Marsha Ambrosius is straight, lesbian, or bi-sexual. As long as Marsha Ambrosius continues to put out good music, I will continue to support her music.


  11. leaiveit2me

    Phat booty girlfriend.


    Ice Reply:

    @leaiveit2me, Amen. Big props to Marsha if she hit that.


  12. Just_Being_Honest

    She loos like Lil Kim… Just Sayin’


  13. Kyle

    I hope she puts out her new album soon! I loved her first one. Her love interest in the video doesn’t surprise me! Come on now…


  14. joyo

    Marsha is amazingly talented she can really sing * very good song


  15. Mak

    Knew it would be a woman at the end lol


  16. Fa

    I hate my comments being censored for no reason RAPUP!
    This is coorporate dictatorship!


  17. thinkin

    Always love to floetry. The best who ever did it. We all know who she is talking about how sexy


  18. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    nice Music video and she ain’t lesbo as you think


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