New Music: K’naan f/ Bono – ‘Bulletproof Pride’

Bono and K'naan

K’naan duets with the legendary Bono on the powerful anthem “Bulletproof Pride.” The Somali-Canadian rapper and U2 frontman first performed the song live a year ago at former President Clinton’s “Decade of Difference” concert, while the studio version appears on K’naan’s new album Country, God or the Girl, available Tuesday.

“Bono heard the song and totally fell in love,” said K’naan, who had the daunting task of being asked to write Bono’s lyrics.

“He’s very much a mentor,” he shared. “He’ll text me about normal situations in my life. As busy as he is, he makes himself available to the people he cares about or the music he cares about.”

In addition to Bono, Country, God or the Girl includes collaborations with Keith Richards, Nas, Nelly Furtado, and

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  1. tgod



  2. HUGH

    Reminds me of “Strawberry” from Frank Ocean. Think its the U2/Coldplay style guitar.


  3. U2freak

    B´Man is my hero!!


  4. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way



  5. Andrew

    please don’t mention U2 and Coldplay in the same sentence, as Coldplay will never even come close to U2


    Alejandra Clayton Reply:

    @Andrew, I totally Agree!!


  6. Sonjar

    I love it!!!!


  7. Gregg

    Old Bob Dylan crossed with terrible/ solo Mick Jagger. I just hope Danger Mouse can get Uncle Paul and the gang back on their feet. Be ARTISTS again…. the kind who don’t give a *^$%#@ what other people think.


    Pepe Reply:

    @Gregg, totally agreed with you!


    Jay Reply:

    @Gregg, the thing is they always care what everybody thinks 1980- to present (that’s the secret to thier success) and U2 have and will always be artist I guess you still havent understand “no line” and I hope you didnt compare bono to mick jagger dont disrepect bono like that

    but do you like knaan I just heard of him recently pretty good


  8. CEgg

    Really liked this song and much better than I was anticipating. Both men sounded great.


  9. Gregg

    Hey don’t get me wrong…nobody loves these guys more than I do – and I think Knaan is great.

    I just have a sneaking suspicion that with all the corporate sponsorships / meetings with world leaders / elevation partners investments that a certain ‘tameness’ has crept in. It comes from a perceived need for political correctness so they don’t mess up everything else they have going on (outside the music).

    Why was Achtung Baby so great? – pure swagger – artistic statement – throwing pure art up on the canvas and not giving a @%$#$ what people think.


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