Ashanti Celebrates Birthday Weekend with Nelly, T.I., and Tiny

Tiny, T.I., Ashanti, and Nelly

Ashanti had not one, but two parties to celebrate her 32nd birthday. On Friday night, her boyfriend Nelly hosted a party for her at Reign nightclub in Atlanta with guests including T.I. and Tiny. The champagne didn’t stop flowing until the next night when he surprised her with a private dinner at STK for her family and friends. The birthday girl was seen getting cozy with her man and toasting with Tip and Tiny. She wore a tiara that said “Birthday Princess” and was presented with a pink-and-gold cake.

“Sooo…..They did it Again!!! My 2nd bday surprise!!!!! Lol I love em!!!” tweeted Ashanti.

The R&B songstress has a lot to celebrate. Her new single “That’s What We Do” featuring R. Kelly was released to iTunes earlier this month and she can be seen anchoring Fuse’s new daily music show “Fuse News.”

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  1. Fact

    When is her album coming out? Why are they stalling wasnt it supposed to drop this past summer?


  2. Jay

    I didn’t know Ashanti and Nelly were back together!!! So glad they are! Happy Birthday Ashanti!!! :)


    p Reply:

    @Jay, yeah like early 2012 lol. they’ve been together for yearsssssssssssss.


    YMCMB_#1STUNNA Reply:

    @p, Nelly is never marrying her lol


  3. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    I’m Only Here for The King Of The South


  4. susie

    Thank goodness Ashanti is smart enough to know not to get pregnant, I applaud her for that.


  5. ihatemyles

    beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!


  6. MrsMarlo

    They are a great couple, they also celebrated at Frank Ski’s in ATL on Saturday night!I really enjoyed then. Beautiful couple and very down to earth!!!


  7. B

    Cute Pics!!!:) Love Ashanti and Nelly together!!:)


  8. LOL

    lmao at T.I.’s face, I never knew he was so funny until I watched T.I. & Tiny (the ONLY good reality TV show)


  9. R to the dIamonds down to the C

    cute picutres of all 4 of them


  10. adrienne

    Nelly and Ashanta is a sexy and sweet couple,you have my blessings always.


  11. adrienne

    Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  12. angelique gilmore

    Nelly Ashanti is the right woman for you.


  13. angelique gilmore

    You are a good man do the right thing.


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