Jay-Z and Ludacris Debut Cognac Commercials


Jay-Z and Ludacris drink to the good life in two new commercials for their favorite cognacs.

In his spot for D’USSE, the Brooklyn rapper smokes a cigar in slow motion while enjoying the NYC skyline before reaching for his luxury cognac. Luda’s commercial, directed by actor Larenz Tate and featuring former Danity Kane member D. Woods, is less understated and features the rapper enjoying a classy night out with a group of friends.

“It was a pleasure working with my good friend Chris Bridges on the Conjure commercial,” said Tate. “It feels good to work alongside people you respect. I hope my vision as a director gives the world a glimpse of the new level that Chris is taking his cognac brand. Cheers!”

Get a taste of both commercials below.

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    Jay stay making these deals and stacking that paper….damn i aint mad


  2. xedos

    Rappers move up from 40′s


  3. Iller



  4. coolio

    that was a shit commercial from jay z like wtf


    doubleyou602 - freshed Reply:

    @coolio, right! i kept turning the volume up. thought i was missing something


    Me Reply:

    @doubleyou602 – freshed, hahaha so did I. I was waiting to see if I wasn’t the only one lol.


  5. Chum

    Damn talk about slow-motion, i know jay a boss but what was that



    i like both videos. ludacris is just showing him living the rich life enjoying a night out with friends, while Jay’s is more artsy – a picture in motion. he kinda reminds me of a kingpin in those old comics


  7. KayeV

    ooo whats the song in Ludacris`s ad ?


  8. Leaveit2me

    How about an ad promoting education and the importance of family instead of this garbage?


  9. flysly

    Jay-Z commercial was stupid AF!!!


  10. R to the dIamonds down to the C

    what in the well Nice


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