Frank Ocean Reflects on Love, Religion, and Oreos in Open Letter

Frank Ocean

From penning a novel about twins to starting his own car club, the always honest Frank Ocean is opening up to his fans about what’s on his mind in a new letter posted on his Tumblr page.

“I’ve possibly lost all religion. I’ve sunken into passivity in certain areas of my life,” muses the “Thinkin Bout You” singer on deep subjects along with random thoughts like, “I eat steaks again now” to “Oreos don’t work with almond milk.”

He also speaks about his recent studio session with Jay-Z and Pharrell (“I wonder how many trophies are lodged in their minds”), moving from L.A. to New York or Tokyo, and lessons in love (“The number one rule in relationships is to never just leave”).

While candid, the letter is nowhere near as revelatory as the one he penned earlier this year, in which he told the world that he had once loved a man. Since then, fans have embraced the Odd Future member for his truthfulness and his popularity has only grown.

Read Frank’s letter in its entirety below.

Frank Ocean Letter

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  1. WhoCares

    Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody know’s my sorry. Oh Zazu, please lighten up. Sing something with a little more bounce in it. It’s a small world after all. No! No, anything but that one.


    J. Peezy Reply:

    @WhoCares, LOLOLOL for this!!


    Trace Reply:

    @WhoCares, lmfao….I’m crying!!!



    @WhoCares, CTFU!


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @WhoCares, lmfaoooooooooooooooooo this made my day


  2. Isac

    I support Frank ..but what is this about ?


  3. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    A B**chNi**a tha’s that S**t I don’t like


    Love Jeffery Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Who Wayne, Drake, Or YOU??? Moving On…


    JussSaying Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG,
    LMAO .. yet wayne kissing bird in his mouth and wearing gay a$$ leopard skinny pants is the sh!t you do like?
    Oh……………… okay!


  4. Rowan

    Is there anyone so frank in music at the moment? Indie to Pop to Hip Hop?? So refreshing to not have someone boast about how much money he has or women he has slept with or other crap that mainly hip hop and r&b stars talk about.

    I am personally looking forward to his writing and think he will be much happier not in the USA. If you go on his instagram, from his tweets and lol, his music, Tokyo is were his heart is.

    In the world of Justin Bieber and fake pregnancies ala Beyonce etc, how refreshing.

    Also, I thought that was a slight dig at Pharrell and Jay Z…like why are you doing this for? Ego? Money? Because they sure as hell do not make deep thought provoking music that changes society! But lol, Ocean is obsessed with metaphors and people still take his words literally, when he means a million things that can be taken in a variety of manners-very smart.


  5. queen bitch baby!!

    oh wow, look at that comment upbove, someone else who has the young money crap in their name and again with more bashing, u lil kids some education, theres more to life, of course you dont people with depth,, noone gives a fuck who you dont like, its no suprise,best thing to do is keep quiet.


  6. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    A B**chN**a That’s that s**t I don’t Like






    Mentamir Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, I think you and Frank Ocean do not share the same sense of humor. He’s not depressing, somber or sad. At least, that’s not how he presents himself.

    He’s just not your average Joe. Perhaps not your cup of tea.

    His jokes are hidden between the lines. He actually seems like a pretty funny guy.


  8. Shae

    As a fan, this is why I respect this dude. Totally honest w/ himself.


  9. Heather

    Love Frank.


  10. Meme

    I enjoyed reading this. I don’t know why.


  11. MEEET_

    FRANK :)


  12. 68_CAN_IOU_1

    Frank Ocean always depress me while reading his open letters odsessive twat.


    BrunoBruno Reply:

    @68_CAN_IOU_1, dont read then dumbass


  13. ...

    The man is venting. Its healthy. Things aren’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows. Its more honest to acknowledge the hurt, the blame, the things that bog you down, rather than to spoon feed you sugar coated lies that your biggest problem is which girl you want to bang, or that you can’t count all your money.
    Frank Ocean seems to be a bit of a gem in the industry because he’s very open about his feelings…not just the feelings of success, but every other feeling that, as human beings, we all experience. To you, it may seem depressing and serious, but these are serious times. Sometimes, I don’t want to hear about racks and chicks and whatever else. I want to read or listen to something intelligent. I want to laugh at a bit of dry humor. And for me, that’s why I like Frank. He puts his emotions into very human terms, something that most people can somehow relate to. Maybe you can’t relate, and if so, perhaps Frank isn’t your guy. But for me, it’s both interesting and enjoyable to listen to his music, and to read these openly penned letters that expose his humanity in an industry of fakes.


  14. R to the dIamonds down to the C

    great writer letter


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