Sneak Peek: Brandy – ‘Wildest Dreams’


Brandy kicked off her album release week with a series of promotional appearances. During her visit to “106 & Park,” she debuted a sneak peek of her new video for “Wildest Dreams,” the second single off Two Eleven. The video was shot just days ago with director Matthew Rolston. In the 30-second teaser, the R&B diva struts around and shows off some new moves as she dances with her girls.

The record, produced by Tha Bizness and written by Sean Garrett, was inspired by her boyfriend Ryan Press. “The song is just about me feeling like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is really happening,’” she told “He loves me for every personality I have. He loves me for every flaw. He accepts me as who I am and he can see me for who I am.”

Get a first look at the video below.

[Brandy Daily]

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  1. Sylvie

    Brandy doing big things!! Just got her album!! Happy for her!!… do yo thaaang guurrl :p


    1diehardrnbfan Reply:

    @Sylvie, Bran is doing great, just bought her album too! her current promotional line up and holiday sales will help push the album to a big success.

    I Think a hot remix for “WILDEST DREAMS” would be dope!
    I seen a really hot music video on youtube done by a HUSBAND AND WIFE ……DANGERUS Diva & AP 1nabillion they did a HOTTTT REMIX to “Wildest Dreams!!” Watching them was truly inspiring.

    I think a MALE is needed on this track to kinda tell the other side of the story….u know. Kinda makes the dream become a reality ….a true love story and erbody looooves a happy ending, lol.


  2. 2bad2bme

    first album i bought in years and i bought the first day it came out OMG…#twoeleven we goin #1 Bran


  3. Don'tDoMe

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!! Two Eleven. BUY it.


  4. meme

    oh i love it. looks great.


  5. lo

    Brandy is one of the most humble and inspiring artist. Luv her!


  6. Quest

    Who the hell does this new host think she is … fucking Sheila E?!


    girl bye Reply:

    @Quest, lmao…GLAMROUS LIFE…lmao


    Fa Reply:

    @girl bye, Bahhhahahahahhaaaa….some old school spirit on rapUp! Let’s be freinds!


  7. #YouWILLDeal

    I’ve had this album on repeat since I got it #CLASSICKMUSIC #BrandyTwo-Eleven !


  8. stephen

    Imma get it Friday!…HEATED!


  9. rup

    Love Brandy as a person and an artist. Wildest Dream is not one of my favourites from the album though. Melodically, it sounds kinda weak and convoluted compared to some other tracks.

    Hope her album does well!


  10. the truth

    Brandy is going back to the top!!! shes sexy beautiful…Now the album is hot!!!Go get it!!! shez humble n god raises the humble!!!! so u can bet shez goin on top!!!!


  11. coolio



  12. Csquad

    Gotta give it to brandy…music, image, personality, and vocals have been slaying and I bought her album! I only buy CIARA albums but brandy deserved a purchase.


  13. LEW

    Yep! She’s Back!


  14. LEW

    Yep! She’s Bizzzack!


  15. TwoEleven

    Can;t wait to see the final product I love Bran so much and just want her to win she deserves it!


  16. Jay

    Looks sweet! Can’t wait for this video! :)


  17. R to the dIamonds down to the C

    Love it


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