50 Cent Takes Charge in ‘FOX NFL Sunday’ Promo

50 Cent

Football and hip-hop merge this weekend when 50 Cent takes over the pre-game show on “FOX NFL Sunday.” To promote his appearance, Coach Curtis shares some words of wisdom in a new video spot.

“When you’re on top, you can always count on people trying to bring you down,” says 50 as his single “New Day” plays in the background.

Outfitted in a suit in a corporate boardroom, the G-Unit mogul gives the players a pep talk. “Can’t nobody touch you. Don’t forget, many men are scheming to bring you down,” says Fif. “In this game, everybody wants to wear the crown.”

50 will kick off the show this Sunday at 12 p.m. EST.

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  1. flysly

    50 cent is such a great business man. He stay getting money!


  2. R to the dIamonds down to the C

    guess he is a Smart Good Business man that Learn a Lot from other people to do what it take to become a Business MAN Bet Ciara had learn alot from him too when she had dated him @ the time


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