New Music: Ne-Yo – ‘Forever Now’


There’s nothing worse than finding out that your ex has moved on and Ne-Yo laments over that very realization on his moody new jam “Forever Now” from his upcoming album R.E.D., available November 6.

On the uptempo number, Ne-Yo asks, “What am I gonna do with forever now?” upon finding out that his girl has a new man. “I’ll live out my life forever following you,” he cries.

In addition to “Forever Now,” Ne-Yo’s album will feature collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Tim McGraw, Diddy, and Fabolous. “This is the most balanced album that I’ve ever done,” he told Rap-Up TV. “My diehard R&B fans as well as my diehard pop fans, everybody’s gonna be able to get into this album because it is an equal balance of both genres.”

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  1. Genuine Only

    Nice song


  2. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    No RnB Singer can Do What Trey did on Chapter V.
    No Pop Songs, Just Real RnB.
    F**k Ne-Yo Trigga Over Every RnB Singers.



    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Clearly you do not know what the hell you’re talking about. Let’s leave it at that.


    Eradicator Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, From the look of things you the one who doesn’t know what you talking about….Neyo has taken the usher path..letting the market dictate album content……Trey Songz on the other hand Went all R n B…..learn something you yaitch


    Nathan Reply:

    @Eradicator, “Ladies Go Wild” is NOT R&B. You hate pop music so much, huh? Tell me, how did you feel to hear Trey’s autotuned voice coming through your speakers?


    Ice Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, AMEN, what do they think 2 Reasons, Simply Amazing and even HEART ATTACK are? Pop songs.


    Wayne Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, You mean that album that still hasn’t sold 300K copies yet? Nigga, please.


    Yo Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Who is Miguel for 100000?


    Tevin Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Your mother should have aborted you. Dunce.


    ddttrs87 Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, It’s sad, sad day when someone declares Trey Songz to be “real RnB”…


    The Beast Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Hahaha let’s be serious here, the only pure R&B artists in the game are Frank Ocean and R. Kelly. And they aren’t even fully R&B either.


    R to the Sunnie dimondz C Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, sad ass life you got, Just Shut the Heck up bum dumbie


  3. Bri

    not good


  4. VitiNhow

    no rnb, but nicee , real r&b is R.Kelly , Bobby V etc .. but ne-yo is Niceee nigga


  5. Liz

    :/ too much crap in the background. Love the vocals. A little pop goes a long way.


  6. poe

    i see another flop in his future


  7. Nick

    Whats with all these Pop Songs. “Lazy Love” was the only good single so far.


  8. Drew

    I see some of you clearly can’t read. Ne-Yo has been saying for months that the album isn’t going to be straight R&B. Where is it written that an artist must be confined to ONE genre? Michael Jackson didn’t just sing R&B/soul music and his career was sensational. Come to think of it, there was minimal bitching from audiences. Grow up, you ignorant buffoons.


  9. Heather

    Crab niggas, crab niggas. Where is it written that you can’t excel in pop and R&B? You fools act like pop music is some crime against humanity.

    Stupidity runs through the veins of so many. I remember people claimed Whitney “wasn’t black enough” in the ’80s because she actually spoke proper English and sang pop music.

    Keep pulling your own down … see where it gets you. Hating on Ne-Yo won’t pay your bills.


  10. Brass_knucklez

    I haven’t liked ne-yo in a while but I like this song. A lot


  11. trigga

    feel this song, no real rnb unfortunately!
    ne-yo should get back to his roots! (so sick)!!


  12. massiveattack5

    everyone is on this “real r&b” & “real hip-hop” seriously people cmon…music is an art that’s why they are called artists. let them make music they wanna make. music is supposed to be innovative and universal, and crossing genres is what makes music better and more diverse. my rant can go on forever but basically stop branding artists with a SELECT genre, maybe ne-yo likes pop music so let him as an artist do what he wants.


  13. Gaite

    he’s still writing songs about his ex moving on? like damn ne-yo


  14. R to the Sunnie dimondz C

    pretty good song


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