Tracklisting: The Weeknd – ‘Trilogy’


Old favorites and a few new surprises. The Weeknd reveals the tracklisting for his major-label debut Trilogy. The bulk of the album consists of material from the Toronto singer’s critically-acclaimed mixtapes, House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence, along with the new tracks “Twenty Eight,” “Valerie,” and “Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun).”

Aside from Drake on “The Zone,” Juicy J is the only other featured guest, contributing a verse to “Same Old Song.” Trilogy arrives November 13 via Universal Republic.

Check the tracklisting below via iTunes.

Trilogy Tracklisting

House of Balloons

1. “High for This”
2. “What You Need”
3. “House of Balloons”/”Glass Table Girls”
4. “The Morning”
5. “Wicked Games”
6. “The Party & The After Party”
7. “Coming Down”
8. “Loft Music”
9. “The Knowing”
10. “Twenty Eight”


1. “Lonely Star”
2. “Life of the Party”
3. “Thursday”
4. “The Zone” (feat. Drake)
5. “The Birds, Pt. 1″
6. “The Birds, Pt. 2″
7. “Gone”
8. “Rolling Stone”
9. “Heaven or Las Vegas”
10. “Valerie”

Echoes of Silence

1. “D.D.”
2. “Montreal”
3. “Outside”
4. “XO”/”The Host”
5. “Initiation”
6. “Same Old Song” (feat. Juicy J)
7. “The Fall”
8. “Next”
9. “Echoes of Silence”
10. “Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)”

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  1. Stephen

    Juicy J didn’t do a verse, he simply talked at the end of the song, like a skit.


  2. Schwag

    each one of those new songs better be around 6-10 minutes long. or else.


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @Schwag, Why?


    dave Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, cause it will be like listening to all the mixtapes with 3 bonus tracks,and truth is this doesn’t feel like an album its more like a rerelease


    ZACK Reply:

    @dave, thats what it is…a rerelease


  3. miles

    3 disc. 31 songs? 27 old songs? He geekin’


  4. Max

    I’ve been listening to all his 3 mixtapes for a couple weeks. This guy has talent but he need to collaborate with different musicians.

    Now all his self-produced material sounds a little dull. I doubt that this effort will give him the numbers. He should expand his talent and give his listeners brighter experience to get on top.

    It all is just my opinion. I wish this artist best of luck!


    ColeWorld Reply:

    @Max, hes starting recently he done a track with Wiz, 2 Chains used a sample from his track on his ablum, he was on drakes album too. I don’t think he wants to over do it as people can get bored quickly


  5. 68_CAN_IOU_1

    Either way im buying this is the first time they’re releasing on itunes and its to gain new fans and 31 songs for $9.99 how can you beat that lol. Love Wicked Games playing that now.


  6. ColeWorld

    People need to hear this music man I know some people just know him as that guy who was on Drakes album of course them people are lazy and not on there music game like they should be but still there was some pretty hot songs people should here. J. Cole said he released mixtapes that he regrets now because people can’t get hold of original hard copys he even put a couple of songs from his mixtape on his album. Of course us fans who have now played these mixtapes over and over again are not too happy about having to wait even longer for an album of fresh material. I don’t think they can improve the songs the mastering on wicked games is not better than the original lets hope they don’t ruin any other tracks. I can see why hes done it but if it was me I would let me mixtape legacy remain in tact and just release an album. Similar to Drake with So Far Gone the quality of the mixtape was so good he felt he had to release it


  7. R to the Sunnie dimondz C

    man he got some good song on that tracklist album and for sure his fans love it, like it some people may never heard of him before


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