New Music: Gucci Mane f/ Rick Ross – ‘Respect Me’ (Young Jeezy Diss)

Gucci Mane and Rick Ross

Gucci Mane and Rick Ross can agree on one thing: their dislike for Young Jeezy. The rappers take thinly-veiled shots at the Snowman on their newly released diss track “Respect Me.”

“Ain’t no way in hell I’ma let you disrespect me,” raps Gucci on the cut off Trap-A-Holics and DJ Cash Crook’s mixtape Large On Da Streets 28.

“Mad I’m fu**ing your wifey,” Gucci alleges, while Rozay takes his own digs. “I push a button and them killers comin’/ Disrespect me, ni**as get nothin’.”

Jeezy called Gucci “retarded” in a previous interview, to which Gucci responded with his own diss “Truth.” Ross and Jeezy made headlines with their backstage brawl at the BET Hip Hop Awards earlier this month.

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  1. cece

    This is fucking garbage. jezzy will murder these clown ass studio gangsters.


  2. Jay



  3. Opd2

    They still milking this cr-p.


  4. miles

    Idk about anyone else. But i find the fact that these two joined forces just to diss Jeezy hilarious. I literally laughed out loud when i read the title


    NickiStan Reply:

    @miles, You’re not the only one.





  6. #RihannaNAVi

    Fuck Gucci Mane


  7. Buzzzzz

    Damn thought Gucci and Jeezy had squashed their beef…oh well I like em both


  8. MmmHmm



  9. Ice

    Jeezy >>> than both of these lames

    Ross’s album was the most disappointing rap album of 2012.


  10. nnn

    bitch ass niggaz fucking wit jeezy . they aint got shit


  11. saio



  12. BobbyBorisovvv

    loooooool… this made me laugh. this is fucking garbage!!


  13. Zone 6

    Ya’ll lames stop hating on the six ya’ll bitches the one thats lame as hell posting lame as comments. I have love for all the rappers involved and all win in my heart. all are an inspiration in their own way.


  14. boom boom

    so this two niggas joining forces to go “against” Jeezy?
    lmao! both of you have a seat.


  15. Thomas Leone

    2 bitches pregnants on the same track?? I knew it was trash… I don’t even know why I’m here. Young Jeezy is not one of the best, but I’m sure he shits on fake ross & bitch mane


  16. Thomas Leone

    One of the reasons hip-hop is dead. And people still buy their shit…. why????


  17. Jonathan

    ONE WORD: #TRASH If only Gucci Mane and Rick Ross knew how horrible theyt are as artist! SMDH


  18. R to the Sunnie dimondz C

    Bad taste in Music Guess gUCCI MANINE like Keyshia cole since he talked about her. I don’t think people have time to diss whoever he or/she don’t like. Gucci MAne can keep it moving before somebody diss him about his belly pig face lip & Smotch


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