Kendrick Lamar Vibes in the Studio with Dr. Dre and André 3000

Kendrick Lamar and André 3000

As the release date for his debut quickly approaches, Kendrick Lamar continues to garner love from hip-hop heavyweights.

A video of K. Dot zoning out in the studio with his mentor Dr. Dre and André 3000 has surfaced via Rolling Stone. As the trio listens to Kendrick’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” it’s clear that Dre and Three Stacks are feeling the music. At the end, 3000 says, “Excellent.”

Earlier today, Kendrick snagged kudos from another music icon, Pharrell. The Neptunes hitmaker tweeted that the young rapper was akin to Bob Dylan. “@kendricklamar is this era’s Bob Dylan. Masterful story telling. Listen to it, it will elevate you. And just like that music has changed.”

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  1. Dro

    Kendrick album is PHENOMAL. Great storytelling and it’s powerful. One of the years best. Lyrically Kendrick is ahead of the curve. He’s so Versatile. I see him as a leader.


    Will Reply:

    @Dro, So true…Kendrick is a lyrical genius!!


  2. pete

    that album is whack guys dont try to make that aslbum as a classic,u cant compare to j cole or game documentary and 50 get rich die trying,80,000 first week i thought that album will be great but i am dissapointed,waiting for that new song by dre n andre 3000


    King Dro Reply:

    @pete, j. cole doesn’t have a classic album yet. The come up was better than sideline story. For GKMC, one week of rotation isnt enough time to determine if this album is a classic lol) and I don’t think Game’s the documentary is a classic either ,, don’t get me wrong it’s close. Section 80 will be a classic though and I like OD just as much.


  3. anon

    Ooohhhhh shit. I would love Kendrick to do a song with Andre 3000. Thats a dream collaboration for me



    the album is a classic


  5. lino



  6. HUGH

    Lotta talent in that room



    Kendrick has off top the best actual classic album of the year from skits to topics lyrics delivery & beat selections even the albums structure and balance make it unskippable


  8. lowkeyD

    @ 0:49 3000 – bish, dant kill my vibe


  9. Coleworld-K.dot4 eva

    is that Drake @ the end?


  10. SupportTHEREALish

    Now all you ppl who love Kendrick’s album BUY IT!! Support a REAL artist. Kendrick is about to change the game


  11. Kingtee

    The kendrick Lamar album is crazy!
    I’m glad it leaked early, only bcuz it silenced all the haters out there.
    if you havent download it yet, DO SO

    and than go get a copy on the 22nd!


  12. andtik

    What is that software in the pc ?


  13. Tones

    Lyrically no one is touching a sicker cell, His whole album is jus story telling and i think it’s the best album of year handsdown, i jus got it today and i can def say this is right next to Illmatic and it’s 8 tracks more in depth. I Applaud him.


  14. R to the Sunnie dimondz C



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