Asher Roth Changes ‘Orange’ Album Title ‘Out of Respect’ for Frank Ocean

Asher Roth

Asher Roth is scrapping his album title Is This Too Orange? because of his Def Jam labelmate. The Pennsylvania rapper has opted for a new title “out of respect” for Frank Ocean.

Due to the Odd Future crooner’s similarly-titled channel ORANGE, which was released earlier this year, Asher has decided to rename his sophomore LP—but he won’t disclose the new title just yet.

“I can’t reveal the title of it yet. I wish I could. We’re getting there,” he told MTV Hive. “It was tentatively titled Is This Too Orange?, but that’s no longer the title out of respect to Frank Ocean. We’re re-energizing it with something brand new and we’ll announce it in a couple of weeks.”

Oren Yoel, Organized Noize, Nottz, and Jim Jonsin are among the producers involved, as well as D.A. Wallach of Chester French, who will be a featured guest. Expect an eclectic sound as Asher has been listening to everything from afro-fusion to R. Kelly to Paul Simon while recording.

The oft-delayed follow-up to Asher’s 2009 debut Asleep in the Bread Aisle is due January 22, 2013. To tide fans over, he released the song “Wrestling Is Fake” last week.

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  1. miles

    lmao this news is like a month or 2 old


  2. Jay

    Sweet! Can’t wait to get Asher’s new album! :)


  3. Blank101

    copy cat


    rill Reply:

    @Blank101, He had the Orange title before Ocean


  4. Miles Edgeworth

    I disliked him at first but after I listened to his album through a friend I became obsessed with him and I can’t wait for this new album.


  5. Ice

    How was this potentially copying Frank again? It’s just a color.


    miles Reply:

    @Ice, channel orange was a good album. That’s like a singer came out with an album and said the name of the album was “Thriller”. It may not sound anything like MJ’s album but people will make that comparison. If channel ORANGE was a down right awful album this would be a different story. although Aster Roth had the name first. His just got pushed back a lot


  6. MmmHmm



  7. Ryioz

    Whatever he named his album title Good for him for sure his fans will Love it


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