Wiz Khalifa Addresses Drake’s Absence on ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ Remix

Wiz Khalifa and Drake

What happened to Drake? Wiz Khalifa is coming clean on why the Young Money rapper wasn’t featured on the remix to his single “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and the reason is quite simple: Drake didn’t submit his verse.

Originally Drizzy was set to appear on the remix with Lil Wayne.

“I went big for the remix. I went different than people usually expect from me,” the Pittsburgh MC told Cosmic Kev at the time.

In a recent interview with Montreality, Wiz explains that Drake never recorded his verse so they had to release the remix without him.

“He was supposed to do his verse and he ain’t do it so we had to put it out,” said Wiz, whose album O.N.I.F.C. drops December 4. “But it ain’t no love lost. People get that done all the time in the industry, but yeah, I got boofed.”

Young Jeezy filled in for Drake on the final version.

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  1. Hov

    he was probably being cool smoking hookah, shits for kids – hov


  2. Nielsen

    Dick move on Drake’s part. Really unprofessional.


    Ray Reply:

    @Nielsen, that isn’t unprofessional, that’s business.


    OMG Reply:

    Business is saying “No i will not/cannot do this verse”
    OBVIOUSLY he committed himself into turning in a verse and he didn’t. Obviously YOU do not know nothing about the music business or any kind of business for that matter!


    Rauno Reply:

    @Nielsen, Tell me again how you know how the music business works.


  3. JHP

    Aww that’s f*cked up Drizzy, Jeezy’s nice and all, but that beat is more suited for someone like Drizzy anyway


  4. miles

    How is it unprofessional. For all we know Drake may not wanted to be on that wack song(i like wiz, but the song is wack)


    Pure Reply:

    But he can appear on both on a Future song & a Waka Flocka song (both wack)… oh ok. I love Drake & yeah he could have been busy, but that would have been a pretty cool collab… I’m sad it didn’t happen. Oh well. It still was a hit for Wiz & appears in plenty of athletic commercials $$$$.


    tb Reply:

    @miles, exactly


  5. Ryioz

    nice answer Interview


  6. Love

    what is Drake busy doing … but any who you can tell he didnt want to be on it i never heard no one say that about Drake and when it was a wack song and he was touring and shit so to Wiz I would look at it like its love less but Wiz real so he dont let this get in his way


  7. Rapoholic

    Oh! i know why Drake did that,coz once wiz refused to join Drake on his tour
    Maybe ?


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