2 Chainz Shares Top 5 Moments from ‘B.O.A.T.S.’ Tour

2 Chainz

As he prepares to hit the road on the second leg of his “B.O.A.T.S.” tour next month, 2 Chainz shares the top 5 highlights from the first run. The “No Lie” rapper drives a boat on his day off, kicks an imposter off his tour bus, and meets a group of overzealous female fans, who can’t wait to get their hands on him. “Don’t be touching my private,” he tells the girl. Whoa there.

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  1. jo



  2. Tha PHounDation

    The Impostor…”Lil’ Bitch” HAHAHA!

    Shake that d#ck boy!! That girl had to be on some good good!! That was great!


  3. Righteous

    Those children looked about twelve ….and you know where their heading…sad!


  4. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    those groupie girls need to be careful & respect 2Chainz


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