Kendrick Lamar
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Kendrick Lamar Set to Make Big Debut on Charts

Compton’s good kid is having a great sales week already. Kendrick Lamar’s debut good kid, m.A.A.d city just hit stores yesterday, but already chart pundits are predicting huge first-week numbers.

According to industry source HITS Daily Double, Kendrick is slated to push more than 200,000 copies of his debut, which would easily put him in the top 5 on the Billboard 200.

The critically-acclaimed album, which features the single “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and collaborations with Dr. Dre and Drake, holds the No. 2 spot on iTunes overall albums chart. Compare this to Kendrick’s indie effort Section.80, which peaked at No. 113 in 2011.

While K-Dot’s numbers are impressive, they’re no match for Taylor Swift. The country sweetheart’s album Red is on track to break 1 million copies in its opening week, possibly topping Lady Gaga’s 1.1 million-selling debut for Born This Way in May 2011.

Final numbers will be released Wednesday, October 31.


    Well deserved. His album is amazing

    • Roman Emperor

      @YEAAAH, Previewed the album Kendrick.. NOT a fan. It’s definitely a wannabe Pink Friday (in an introspective sense) but pales in comparison. I can never forgive dude for that swimming pools, holla at me when he sells HALF of what Her Minajesty has on Pink Friday. I’ll wait.

      THE RE-UP, Nicvember 19th 2012

      • Lamb Chopz

        @Roman Emperor, bish please! nicki garbaji is gonna do double titty residue with the re-up

      • Dro

        @Roman Emperor, Stop. I’m a Nicki fan but Nicki was briefly introspective and you’re comparing two different styles and approaches. STOP. You’re forcing your opinion on other people and it’s unnecessary. There’s a difference between YOUR truth and THE truth. Stop. You sound like a troll and a hater. Give props where they are due.

        Maybe you can’t relate to the album and if you can’t that’s cool but that just means its not for you!! Move on!

      • HabaneroDro

        @Roman Emperor, “previewed” is the key word. Kendrick makes heavy music that takes time to digest. It’s fine you like fake bubblegum pop rap. Vanity slaves still need theme songs

  • C94B

    This was meant to be. The stars have aligned for this. I’m proud of him. There’s no man bigger than the culture, but he’s one hell of an addition.

  • Dave

    YES!!!!!!! I’m so happy & proud of Kendrick. He truly deserves this.

  • miles

    Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt are the top 2 lyricist of this generation

    • el hajj

      @miles, clearly you don’t know Ab Soul.

      • hunterdope

        @el hajj, worddd he clearly doesnt kno absoul

  • poe


  • Fred

    Congrats Kendrick, good kid, m.A.A.d city is the best album of 2012, this guy deserves every bit of success that comes to him.

    • Ethan


      best rap album of the year*

  • Ey

    Thtss so dope
    Im not really a fan but hes really made himself
    A name without having a pop song
    And is finally another star other then game
    From comptom

  • Ey

    In the last decade i meant

  • Baba

    What does Taylor Swift have to do with a hip hop artist. This article should have focused strictly on the success of Kendrick Lamar. He had a great album with Section 80. M.A.A.D. City sounds like it has the potential but has nothing to do with a country artist.

    • Grant

      @Baba, You obviously don’t come to Rap-Up a lot. Whenever an artist’s first week sales are projected or released, there is always a comparison with other artists on the charts. The genre the other artist may be is irrelevant, even if it is opposing.

      • Benjamin Franklin

        @Grant, you must be white.

        • Grant

          @Benjamin Franklin, Because I speak with intelligence and facts? Ok. Nice logic there.

          • Mr Nice Watch

            @Grant, not all white speak with intelligence and facts. don’t flatter yourself.

          • Grant

            @Mr Nice Watch, The fact of the matter is that what I stated is no new development. This occurs each and every time Rap-Up posts a story like this. I’m not white, but race is completely irrelevant in this equation.

          • Benjamin Franklin

            @Grant, no because you speak like a cornfed idiot.

          • Grant

            @Benjamin Franklin, Weren’t loved as a child, were you?

          • Rachel

            @Benjamin Franklin, Considering you and “Baba” are in the same vote, I’m sure the obvious does go over your head.

          • Tbozfan10

            @Grant, how the hell did you gather that the reason he accuses you of being white was because you spoke with “facts and intelligence”? Lmao

        • Chauncey

          @Benjamin Franklin, Oh, the irony of your name. Grant told the truth.

          • Benjamin Franklin

            @Chauncey, Chauncey = Grant. same person. different names. silly rabbit.

          • Chauncey

            @Benjamin Franklin, Hey, man, whatever gets you through the day.

        • Looney

          @Benjamin Franklin, this article is open-minded – just how journalism should be.

          Thank you Rap-Up.

        • Vance

          @Benjamin Franklin, And, from your mindset, you clearly hate white people.

          • Benjamin Franklin

            @Vance, i love white people.

          • Tbozfan10

            @Vance, and you figured that how? God you are ignorant as sh**.

        • Deidre

          @Benjamin Franklin, You sound like that MinajRules bitch. Probably are.

    • miles

      @Baba, because… they are just telling us why he wasn’t number 1. and regardless, Taylor Swift deserves recognition of her accomplishment regardless of this site’s genre

    • howdy yall! bout to lasso me up a pale porker !

      @Baba, taylor swiff is a hot piece of ass, but the two bit hore can’t sing and she aint got no talent. nuh-uh! she must be screwing good to get those sales. i reckon she’ll blow like a beach whale.

  • DrakeTakeCare

    i like kendrick a lot but i think his album is maad boring i mean there only 3 or 4 good songs im very disappointed and expeted more from him i feel like he dont deserve THEESE good numbers also i´m happy for him

    • LMFAO_Hoe

      @DrakeTakeCare, get you’re sorry ass out of here with that disappointing shit, Kendrick DESERVES THE NUMBERS THAT ARE PULLING IN FOR HIS DEBUT. He worked hard and long for it. & I am proud of his material and work ethic.

    • miles

      @DrakeTakeCare, go listen to your Lil Wayne and Pitbull albums.

    • Diego

      @DrakeTakeCare, Thank u I agree not that good to me kinda wack

      • Tyler

        @Diego, How in God’s name can you say the album is wack? That is just crazy. What has the hip hop community come to? I swear people like you wouldn’t know great hip hop even if it smacked you on the forehead. If you didn’t like it then I understand but to say it’s wack?
        That’s absurd.

    • Rauno

      @DrakeTakeCare, How exactly is one undeserving of sales numbers? You can argue that someone isn’t worthy of a praise they get but if 200 000 people buy his album, he deserves it.

  • Shutterbug

    I am SICK of TAYLOR F*CKING SWIFT stealing the shine from Hip-Hop & R&B’s artists. First she stole Jazmine Sullivan’s album title back in ’08…and now this!


    • LMFAO_Hoe

      @Shutterbug, smh for real, it’s his fault she got all that attention. No hate on her but her music thats charting ain’t really shit I would bump to. Its all the whites thats supporting her.

      • Liam

        @LMFAO_Hoe, That’s funny, because I know many non-whites who support her.

    • miles

      @Shutterbug, Her shine is well deserved. Kendrick doesn’t get to be #1 with sales like that. You know why? Hip-Hop fans don’t buy music. They want that music handed to them for free and don’t want to pay a dime to support good music. Country music fans actually go out and support their artist. so don’t ever blame Taylor Swift for “stealing shine”. Blame the hip-hop “fans”. and if you aren’t one of those 200,000 people who bought the album, your in no position to talk.

      • Roman Reloaded

        @miles, Thank You. These Urban Folks Don’t Buy Music. I Don’t Blame Any Artist For Infusing Pop With Their Music. It Sells.

      • Benjamin Franklin

        @miles, you’re such a f*cking crab

        • Xavier

          @Benjamin Franklin, He hurt your feelings? awww lol

          • Benjamin Franklin


            Xavier = Rachel = Grant = Chauncey & whoever else. your concern supersedes your folly. amazing what a little inciting can do. say hello to the brotherhood.

          • Xavier

            @Benjamin Franklin, Don’t know wtf you’re talking about, nor do I care but you sound paranoid to me. And very insecure. Seek help.

      • xDDx


        Who made you the demographic album sales expert? How do you know that hip hop fans want music handed to them? How do you think you can make such ridiculous generalizations? You Can’t; at least not rationally. The gall you have to say he can’t be #1 with 200,000 sales. The only thing preventing that from occurring is the release from an artist of a bigger magnitude on the same week – i.e. Taylor Swift. Had he released on a week where no other major releases were coming out, he’d probably go #1.

        And you badly contradicted yourself, if “hip hop fans don’t buy music,” who’s responsible for the projected 200,000? And explain Kanye’s, 50’s, and Jay-Z’s Nielsen Soundscan success.

        • miles

          @xDDx, I said “he can’t be #1 like that” as in he will never be on top with sales of 1.1 Million like Taylor Swift. I should have worded that better.
          He simply asked why Taylor Swift had no many sales and that is because Country and Pop fans buy music. People complain “why is every r&b singer going pop/dance”, and thats because POp/dance fans actually go support their music. If more people actually supported r&b than less musician would stop changing lanes
          Watch The Throne sold 450k first. But I bet you didn’t know it is the most pirated album of all time. Over 1 million DOCUMENTED downloads first week, and even more to date. That alone proves very few hip-hop fans support music
          200k is a lot in today’s standards. But I bet you it has more than 3x times that number of pirated downloads by his loyal fans

      • Tbozfan10

        @miles, you have so many racial undertones in what you wrote. 200,000 is great. Apparently hip-hop fans are buying his album. Taylor swift is a white country and pop artist. White people make up 75% of the country so where is your evidence that white people and black people buy music at any different rates you dipsh*t.

    • Kalin

      @Shutterbug, Have you bought Rita Ora’s album yet? Or, are you still crying about it being a non-US release?

  • Lauren

    Great for him. He and J. Cole are two of the few rappers with credibility these days.

  • Yasmine

    I didn’t even know Taylor Swift’s album was out yet.

  • Monty

    Oh. Well, no need for me to buy his album after all then.

  • Frankie

    Great. Now J. Cole can come out of hibernation. I’ve been dying over here.

    Not a fan of Kendrick, honestly. From what I’ve heard of the album, it’s good.

    • tb

      @Frankie, yes i need some Cole in my life

  • G.O.O.D Music

    Damn Taylor Swift blocking my nigga kendrick Lamar from going no.1

    • Whatcha_Sayin

      @G.O.O.D Music, And Jason Aldean. He’s projected to sell over 400k this week

  • Harry

    Well, of course they’re “no match.” Country, dance, techno/electro/europop tend to actually buy the music instead of bootlegging it like a lot of hip-hop “fans.”

    • WOWzer

      @Harry, TRUE

  • whitney

    I bought Taylor’s, will be picking up Kendrick’s too. But it’d be dope if she were #1 and him #2, a long week to see what happens :D

  • pArallel-intersect

    kendrick lamar is overrated. more overrated than nicki minajs ass.

  • Jake

    Idk what I want first now … Cole’s sophomore album or the joint with K.

    • JHP

      @Jake, Cole said after Kendrick’s album gets it’s due sign, he’s gonna start his promo run for his sophomore album. I’m guessing their collaboration album will come out sometime afterwards in 2013. And congratulations to Kendrick btw, if these numbers stick, then he’s surpassed my expectations. I predicted he’d do anywhere from 80k-150k, because there’s a lot of people I know of who still aren’t aware of his existence, and Swimming Pools didn’t do much on the charts. But he obviously has a large fanbase. I for one, know I bought the album yesterday as soon as I got out of school. Hopefully he’ll only become an even bigger star in the future

      • JHP

        @JHP, *due shine

  • Aton88

    Very well deserved. This album pretty much lived up to the hype. It has a good balance of being commercial enough, yet it still feels like kdot without compromising his style. Amazing production and amazing lyrics with a good concept; hopefully this elevates Kendrick’s popularity.

    • Hov

      @Aton88, the production sucks smh – hov

  • pete

    congratulations kendrik,all this hype is cause of dr dre when dre calls ur name u become famous on the spot

  • pete

    dre needs to produce his next album

    • London’s Finest Baby !

      @pete, For real Kendrick picks dead beats…

  • philly11

    Bought Kendrick’s and Taylor’s albums. Both are very good!! Congrats to both artists for their chart success

  • Jess

    Taylor Swift’s album is good. You crab niggas keep hating on her all you want.

  • Hank

    There are a few songs I like from this album, but I can’t listen to Kendrick for prolonged periods of time.

  • HUGH

    Wow. Much bigger than 2Chainz, as big as Good Music Comp.

  • WOWzer

    that “Poetic justice” song had potential, but failed to me. Its like the song had all the right ingredients, but was cooked wrong



  • Beeuy Pretty Sunniz