Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Blasts Into Manchester for ‘Reloaded’ Tour

Nicki Minaj landed her starship in Manchester for the second day of her “Pink Friday: Reloaded” U.K. tour. The leader of the Barbz hit the stage at the Manchester Evening News Arena to a sold-out crowd following opening acts Tyga and Misha B. The blonde-haired rapper busted out in a puffy black dress with white pasties covering up her breasts as she performed hit after hit with her dancers.

“All i can say is there’s no place like the uk,” tweeted Nicki, while retweeting compliments from her British Barbz, who had the time of their lives.

In less than a month, she will release her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up featuring appearances from Lil Wayne and Cassie.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Photo credit: Splash News



    • Mrunhateable

      @TEAMBEY/SOL, she performed in front of a sold out crowd in the uk why u at home hating on the Internet. Sounds like u the fool to me. * kanye shrug *

      • opd2

        @Mrunhateable, Lolk.

    • OMG


      LMAO Didnt Missy bust out of a spaceship in her 2006 Lose Control performance? Oh lawd

      • Kwayzee

        @OMG, it was a metal box with a cover on it. not a spaceship. try again.

      • Trev

        @OMG, judging by Kwayzee’s comment she actually didn’t, but even if she did…you reaaaallly believe that Nicki Minaj recollected that specific performances from 6 years ago??? ummm byeee sir….Nicki’s doing next level ish…her budget is out of this world…no wonder those tickets are so expensive…well worth it though

        • Roman Emperor

          @Trev, REAL TALK, she read that bitch.

  • thomas

    This bitch stole Michael Jackson Rocket from his HIstory tour very original

    • Natasha

      @thomas, she’s suppose to be in a starship, stop taking shh so seriously

    • Mrunhateable

      @thomas, dear Jesus u fn haters are the scum of the earth! You do realize Chris brown, usher, ne yo, beyonce, Justin timberlake, Justin bieber, and every other singer has been influenced by Michael Jackson right?? MJ is a legend who created a lot of styles that artist use to. Nothing is new anymore, now adays you take what you were influenced by from others and mold it into your own and that’s what nicki did. But because its nicki you haters will say she stole it. Just like nicki said, she could sit and take a piss and u snakes will be like, “why u sitting a peeing like that other chick??” Fn ridiculous. Find a Kim post u trolls and stay outa the way of the nicki train before u get ran over cuz she winnin hoe

      • opd2

        @Mrunhateable,thomas claim Nicki stole MJ rock,lord have mercy these haters will fling anything on the wall in hopes of it sticking,to tear Nicki minaj down,they are a sad sad set they are the first to be on nicki post to hate on her…i won’t even put it past them that they even bought tickets to go to her show up grade to VIP full package so nicki can sign there boobz and hate on her face to face,these haters are some confused people,stuck between a hater and a fans sigh.

    • Roman Reloaded

      @thomas, 1. It’s supposed to represent a starship 2. In her tours before (I Am… Music, Femme Fatale, Pink Friday Tour) she opens up with this audio of her saying this over a dramatic apocalyptic themed audio “In A Parallel World, Known As The Nation Of Pinkslam All Was lost, Darkness, Sorrow and Pain Had Over Shadowed Joy, Peace and Love After 200 Years A Warrior Was Born; The Chosen One, The King. It Was Then Prophesied That This Young Warrior Roman Would One Day Depart Pinkslam and Travel For 40 Days and 40 Nights To Planet Earth To Defeat The Evil Force Known As NEMESIS” … Which makes perfect since with the fact that she goes on tour for like days and when she says Travel For 40 Days and 40 Nights To Planet Earth”.. How else is she supposed to travel to Earth and land without a rocket ship or in her world STARSHIP ! If you don’t believe me you’ll see when her tour DVD gets released on 10/27/12

  • Mrunhateable

    Nicki looks good! I think I might actually catch the tour when it comes to the US

  • just me

    i haye her michael jackson nose in the second pic

  • just me

    i hate her lil kim nose in the second pic

  • YO!

    Can someone tell me what exactly is she coming out from in the picture above?

  • NickiMinaj’s Re-Up Will FLOP


    • MissyElliotFan

      @NickiMinaj’s Re-Up Will FLOP, flippin’ burgers for her man

  • WhoCares

    What’s a circus without a clown n*gga?

    • yep!

      @WhoCares, LOOOOL!

  • NickiMinaj Will Always Flop.

    Nicki Minaj coming out from that pink starship or whatever it is tells me that Nicki is still a kid or acts like one.. Cant wait for her next album to FLOP.

    • yep!

      @NickiMinaj Will Always Flop.,

    • Roman Reloaded

      @NickiMinaj Will Always Flop., Can’t wait for you to walk outside and get shot.

  • Nickifan

    Y’all haters stay mad nicki on a world tour lol while Kim getting her stomach pumped again.

    • WhoCares

      @Nickifan, Since when was Lil’ Kim the standard, though? If you compare Nicki Minaj to a less successful individual, she’s obviously going to look like the Queen of England. But compare her to someone more classy and successful, let’s say … Adele, and what does she look like? Malibu Barbarian.

      • Steve

        @WhoCares, Adele is a singer. Why would they be compared…

  • yep!

    nicki is doing great in the UK…and is not even gold in the USA…hell William Hung is a mega star in the the UK too…so blowing up in the UK is not an accomplishment..

    Hell Nivea, Tamia, Mya, and a host of other artists are HUGE in the UK….but if you are not big in the US it means you are not doing well..

    Hell platinum over there is like selling 50 damn cd’s…that is nothing…

    • opd2

      @yep!, st!ck p-ssy b-tch,Nicki second album sold 700,000+units it,s long past gold and is over 1mill wold wide,Nicki is a rapper who dos other gerns of music too a mater a fact she said she is a brander,for a rapper to be doing so well over seas is an accomplishment,but a stinking hater like you will never see that get da f-ck out of her Nicki living her dreams and you sat at home hating you sad sad thing.

    • Roman Reloaded

      @yep!, Combined she’s sold 2.5 Million albums in the U.S in 2 Years

  • yep!

    Nicki take a seat!

    • Kwayzee

      @yep!, why? becuase shes performing for sold our crowds? i didn’t know thats why people need to take seats……………

      • Roman Reloaded

        @Kwayzee, sold out arena’s. Arena’s can hold up to 20,000+ seats. Nic Is Winning.

  • NickiStan

    Can’t wait till she’s back in the US

  • Erghh

    All of YMCMB are garbage. They are a disgrace to Hip-Hop seriously… In fact it’s them who make rap look stupid and corny.

    • Lily

      @Erghh, I think I read the same comment by the same pressed ass hoe in another Nicki’s post hmmm I’m sorry 4 U guy. Your life must be a disgrace cus. .

  • AllAmerykhanBoy

    She’ll be back for like 2 weeks in November. In time for the AMA’s and the album release. The last day of her tour before she take that 2 week off is November 7th and start back Nicvember 24th

  • vicki

    WOW. u haters stay mad!!! Some of yall commenting more than once!!! Go Nicki!!!

  • KeepingItABean


  • bibi93

    Nicki is still number 1!! YMCMB Uhhrrrghhh (super english accent)

  • MissyElliotFan

    woow nothing bout haters on all nicki’s posts… or anything nicki related.. you sure ya’ll arent fans? like damn..

    do your thing girl.. i hope you and missy collaborate soon babe

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