Video: Travis Barker & Yelawolf – ‘Push Em’

Travis Barker and Yelawolf

Rock meets hip-hop, with a little bit of rage, in the thumping video for “Push Em” from drummer Travis Barker and rapper Yelawolf.

“The song has the energy/angst of a punk rock song with Yelawolf rapping over a double-time beat and a chorus that could instigate a fight anywhere,” the Blink-182 rocker told Rolling Stone. “With the video, [director] Jason Goldwatch and I just tried to match the high energy of the song with a visual that sets the same pace. It was shot over a couple shows during Yelawolf’s current Slumerican tour and a day drive with Yela and I in my ’64 Rivi.”

The record can be found on the duo’s collaborative Psycho White EP, due November 13.

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  1. TIAGO

    Better than some Rappers.


  2. Jay

    Dope video!! This song goes so hard!! I would go crazy if this came on at a club or a show! :)


  3. Rymz

    Never heard of them before yelawolf


  4. Joey

    Hush our Husky mouths! 105 110??? We will never caiolpmn about our 99-100 temps again! Stay cool our little furry feline friends our feline furkids Smokie and Binx have been stretched out on the cool grass under a tree here. Smokie is a sunbather. Now the Huskies they have been stretched out in the a/c! Hope your temps break soon so you can get some serious whiffies in! We also RT your notice about finding Lil Em a loving home. Hope she gets one soon! Happy (maybe cooler?) Friday all!


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