Alicia Keys Launches New Animated App

Alicia Keys

When she isn’t a “Girl on Fire,” Alicia Keys is a digital girl, launching her own animated app this week called The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee.

Her brand-new animated app for children features the relationship between a grandmother (based on Alicia’s own grandmother) and her granddaughter (based on the singer). Granddaughter LeeLee’s bedroom is the focus of the app, where users can “sit” at her desk to journal, draw, and play the virtual piano. The app features an original song by Alicia called “Follow the Moon.”

“The amazing part of this is it’s completely inter-generational,” the Grammy-winning singer told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s about a daughter and her grandmother. It’s something that a mother and child can experience together, siblings can experience together, something that a grandmother and a grandchild can experience together. My mother and (2-year-old son) Egypt would definitely go through the story and play the games … and write in the journals and draw pictures.”

The game is dedicated to her late grandmother. “My nana is a #girlonfire and continues to inspire me every day!” tweeted Alicia. “I’m super excited to have a project coming soon in her memory.”

The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee will be available to download this Thursday at the Apple App store for $3.99. Alicia will also participate in a Q&A session at the Apple Store in SoHo tomorrow.

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  1. Stephanie

    This is such a sweet & smart idea!!! :-)


  2. Jay

    Sounds pretty cool! :)


  3. Michelle

    Awww sounds cute!


  4. deeJay

    I’ll be there!! Sound nice, and entertaining.


  5. Sonya


  6. Sonya

    I love this. Thanks Alicia again. All children should enjoy this.


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    Gostei do som…


  8. Sam937

    This is great for children. It teaches them to journal and about music from other cultures.

    Love It, Alicia.


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