Azealia Banks Stars in ASOS Holiday Campaign

Azealia Banks

Hip-hop’s glam girl Azealia Banks is bringing the holiday cheer. The “212″ rapper, along with singer Ellie Goulding and model Charlotte Free, are the new faces of ASOS’ #bestnightever holiday campaign.

A smiling Azealia rocks a bejeweled bralette in one photo and skin-tight reptile leggings in the video teaser, which asks, “Are you ready?”

The Harlemite is no stranger to fashion, having performed at high-profile events for Karl Lagerfeld, Prada, Chanel, and Kanye West. She also stars in the fall campaign for T by Alexander Wang.

[MTV Style]

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  1. TwinkSwag



    MsMickiii Reply:

    @TwinkSwag, ITS TRUE!


  2. Michelle

    This girl is great.


  3. WhoCares

    Girl, go on and getcho paper.

    But please … get a better weave.


    nahasitory Reply:

    @WhoCares, Usually I would agree. I am no way biased because I support her. However, her hair just is never on point, she is a baby hair enthusiast.
    But this time she looks really nice!


  4. MaHJ

    Yess! BANKZ! Go off!


  5. immabreakyourneckbitch!!!!

    like her!!!!


  6. mumi

    Miss Banks is shining, again.


  7. Kesha

    I see her as a model an only a Model! Her music is not gonna sell tho, her flow wack! She does too much,


    CLOSE MINDS Reply:

    @Kesha, just what I expect from someone with a name like kesha, no surprise there


  8. youMADstayMAD!

    but she hasn’t made NOT 1 hip-hop song tho.


  9. Iller

    Lets get that cake… she’s the best female mc hands down in fact she’s better than most male rappers


  10. Brandon Wilson

    I love you azealia banks your awesome !!!!!!!! So glad to see you get in more and more. No more come up your here


  11. OMG

    AZEALIA is the bomb! LOVE HER, so much style and class… it’s not even funny!!!


  12. LOLatHaters

    When is she ever going to actually drop some stuff and chart?


    rup Reply:


    I don’t see her getting huge to the general public. She’s been getting all these hype campaigns, endorsements, but she’s still been under 250K Twitter followers for over a year. I’m a fan of hers, but I know pressed fans are going to say Twitter followers mean nothing, while failing to acknowledge that social media is a gauge of public interest.

    Other than hip hop fans, she’s becoming one of those artists the hipster college students listen to to be cool and anti-mainstream.

    I’m intrigued to see where her career goes from here.


  13. MmmHmm



    Opd2 Reply:

    @MmmHmm, Don’t you have c-ck to blow,you easily gas up air head b-tch,always one of you insects trying to make something out of nothing,f-cking roaches,Nicki had nothing to do with this but typical of you couldn’t f-cking resist you had to say something negative about Nicki,you couldn’t come and give banks her props and leave it at that…you d-mn roach.


    MmmHmm Reply:

    @Opd2, It seems like you’re mad over something factual that doesn’t concern you! And I did give AB props, by saying she’s greater than Onika, that’s a compliment, a very big one! Check yourself!



    @MmmHmm, Haha!


    Amanda Reply:

    @MmmHmm, Congratulations on being the first one to compare a female MC to Nicki Minaj. You’re one of soooo many.


  14. kitty

    as background music called?


  15. Tbozfan10

    I haven’t heard from her in a little while. For awhile she was making all kinds of headlines.


  16. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    she may love fashion while @ this Age


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