Nicki Minaj Set to Perform at American Music Awards

Nicki Minaj

Barbz, set your DVRs. Nicki Minaj has just joined the list of performers for this year’s American Music Awards.

The Young Money diva will take the stage for the second year in a row at the 40th annual show, along with Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, and previously announced performer Christina Aguilera. The AMAs will be broadcast live from the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles on November 18 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Nicki, along with Rihanna, leads the pack with four nominations at this year’s event. She is nominated in categories including Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album.

The following day, she will release her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up featuring the Cassie-assisted single “The Boys.”

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    She better not playback her choruses


  2. Lily

    Hope she performs Va Va Voom


  3. Amira

    I know Nicki will rock dat stage as always…keep it up nic you know I love you


  4. xxx

    why? it wont help album sales if thats what shes thinking.


    opd2 Reply:

    @xxx,performing and going on tours,is were artists makes 90% of there money,if album should sale are not it will this have nothing to do with that,you hater have take a break.


    Thekidzolanski Reply:

    @opd2, lol damn @xxx that egg on yo face *nicki voice*


  5. Respect is Due

    4 nominations plus performance = WINNING


  6. Os

    keep doing you Nicki,keep locking it down sista.


  7. BarbieDJ

    Nicki is poppin dem bands no doubt but her current work so far is not lyrically winning nor properly arranged. Im not feel’n Nicki recent rushed music. A FAN keepin it real.


    IAmYourLeader Reply:

    @BarbieDJ, I Can Respect This. From One Fan To Another.


  8. zack

    Lame performers so far tbh. #noshade


    rup Reply:


    …that is the definition of shade.


  9. Aaron

    I’m excited.


  10. andy

    POP /Rock and then Rap/Hip hop am I missing something ???


    AllAMerykhanoy Reply:

    @andy, Yeah you missing that she’s killing Rap B*tches and Pop B*tches.


  11. #ShadeThrown



  12. Whocares

    What’s a circus without a clown n*gga?


    thekidzolanski Reply:

    @Whocares, idk ask yo mom KUNT!


    Amanda Reply:

    @Whocares, You said that in her other post. You bored.


  13. bibi93

    Nicki is number 1


  14. THEDON

    You a stupid ho, you a you a stupid ho


  15. Hov

    she looks like a clown – hov


  16. Stop!

    Shes getting real better at performing at Live Events…For an example: Her 2012 B.E.T Awards Performance and plus her Tour performances are to..!


  17. bijan

    I wonder if she’ll perform w/ Cassie…


  18. vicki

    Cant wait!!! :)


  19. Whine

    Ok everybody knows that nicky will kills this ish and that Rihanna should hold for a minute.


  20. Whine

    Nicky is hot no douth about that so put your hands up


  21. Whine

    @vicki, Yeah girl me to i can’t wait for her


  22. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz



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