Kanye West, Lady Gaga, & Jennifer Hudson Attend Versace Store Opening

Kanye West

Prior to hitting the stage at the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch party, Kanye West rubbed shoulders with fashion’s elite at a cocktail reception to celebrate the Versace SoHo store opening. Mr. West was casual in a leather jacket, patchwork sweatpants, and Air Yeezy IIs as he made his way inside to meet up with his peers including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, and Melanie Fiona.

J-Hud was elegant with an orange Versace jacket draped over her shoulders, while Gaga opted for a furry hat and matching jacket. A blonde Melanie Fiona went for a street chic look in all black everything.

Lady Gaga

Jennifer Hudson

Melanie Fiona

Photo credit: INF Photo + Splash News

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  1. To

    Gaga is so ugly omg


    rup Reply:




  2. Im Me

    Jennifer Hudson looks GEWT!


  3. randy

    i love it when kanye trolls you conspiricists. check out the baphomet on his pants lmao. idiots deserve it


    The Killer Truth Reply:

    @randy, Its not a conspiracy if that shit is real idiot. So your telling me the illuminati isnt real and thats its all just a game? Ha u people are fooled.


    jucka Reply:

    @The Killer Truth, hahahhaha youre a dumbass


  4. CJ

    OMG!Jhud is as gorgeous as ever.



    Kanye & those pants…. Boy stop with the illumin gimmick!


    Im Me Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, thank you!


  6. Joe

    So Kanye is straight forward with his devil worshipping. I cant fuck with him anymore.. plus his style been fell off. always wearing the same shit. Fuck Kanye





  8. Thomas Leone

    Saying they believe in God in every song… I’m really sorry for his soul.


  9. RoyalTprod

    kanye was my hero..still bumping twisted fantasy mad he put tht bohemot n star on his pants smh…


  10. Alex

    The Baphomet is nothing but the greek god Pan which is the early form of Jesus Christ, who was never a historical person in the first place that walked the earth. Everybody saying the Baphomet is the devil is like saying the Jesus you worship is the devil. Illuminati conspiracy theorists please research your history before you spread ignorant bs.


    Killuminati Jas Reply:

    @Alex, you are the one who sounds ignorant..


  11. Tev



  12. chris

    And there it shows, Kanye’s farewell was 808s and Heartbreaks.
    All the occult stuff happened with Twisted..
    I knew that was the last appearance of the real Kanye West.
    The one with a soul and emotion.

    and Alex you are incredibly wrong. Baphomet is a symbol of the devil for satanists and occult societies. There is too much information out there to not know this. Look up church of satan and freemasonry; the history of it and the rituals.

    People the illuminati does exist. It may go by a name unknown, but to the world they are known as this name. No these artists are not in it but they are pawns of it either under control or not knowing. Kanye knows what’s on his pants. He’s too picky not to know. And no Christian would wear those symbols.

    It’s difficult for fans of people who make music to come to terms with the morals of these people but as they become or are forced to come more blatant with choice of side, the difficulty will go away. The future of Kanye will either stay dark or go back to being inspirational and soulful, but once they allow that society into their house, going back is never an option.

    A lot of high fashion dabbles into the occult world and kanye so badly wanting to be in the fashion league as well as his desire to create fashion has him smooching with this league of people.
    I think Kanye is a prisoned soul; locked inside of himself.

    In the bonus cut of 808s he talked about his heart being in hell and his mind in jail. Yes kanye was troubled by his mom’s passing and the relationship at that time, but his soul was screaming for help too.

    Twisted fantasy was a whole knew Kanye inside. All the satan references. I still like some of the songs and listening to doesn’t make anyone a satanist but the Kanye that came with that album was different and shall we say the beginning of something twisted.


    So Fresh Reply:

    @chris, I totally agree wit u. After 808s it was a steady decline into a different, more twisted Kanye. And anyone who can’t see that is a FOOLIO like Coolio. Str8 up.


  13. Dro

    Sick of this illuminati shit. It’s one thing when people were projecting this stuff on to him but to either troll ppl by wearing it or be blissfully “unaware” is sick. It’s like me knowing you are allergic to shell food and sending you ads for seafood. It’s just annoying and kind of a dick move. Don’t fck with something that’s sacred to people whether you believe in it or not. It’s common courtesy. Just my opinion. I wouldn’t even be that offended if it wasn’t for there’s vehement denials and/or laughingly shrug offs. Pick a side. Stand for what you believe in and rep it proudly. Don’t BS me


  14. HOVorJefe



  15. dun

    nigga sold his soul and he aint hiding it no more


  16. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    Jennifer H and Melaine Fiona have a Cute outfit on


  17. Hotcommentator

    Why do all these artists do certain hand and finger-signage whenever they bow to the audience or whatever? It’s giving credence to their Master – satan!! Watch the hand-signals next time when they’re on stage. They all do it. Their souls are all damned.


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