Video: Diamond f/ Verse Simmonds – ‘American Woman’


Diamond shows her stars, stripes, and more in the video for “American Woman.” The former Crime Mob member reps for ATL and the single ladies in the patriotic-themed visuals featuring Verse Simmonds.

The montage clip includes footage of Diamond and famous American women including Trina and First Lady Michelle Obama. The sexy rap diva performs on a rooftop with her dancers and cozies up to her singing co-star in a bra, panties, and beret.

The song can be found on Diamond’s latest mixtape The Young Life, which also features Keri Hilson and Juicy J.

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  1. To

    The man singing is better good who’s this girl tho she sucks and why does the video have random ass pictures in it .. female rapper just need to be pretty and quit rappin just be a model shit



    @To, she should have kept this video an idea. because it sucks.


  2. roy ewt

    lol she biting keri hilson so bad. she not even trying to hide it.


  3. ano

    She reminds me Keri Hilson in this picture even the outfit remind me keri!


  4. coco

    Verse Simmonds is tight!


  5. BrunoBruno

    im only looking at this video in hope that i get to see her ass, fuck her music though it sucks


  6. americano

    go diamond i guess


  7. OMG

    She’s cute. I miss Crime Mobb, this song is one of the better on the mixtape.. but this does song like LOSE CONTROL by Keri Hilson tho lol… Diamond’s look is upgraded.. love it


  8. Amanda

    I don’t like her. Simmons is good though.


  9. m_a_c_i_n_t_o_s_h (on instagram)

    i think the whole “patriotism trend” is a little redundant now, it’s literally everywhere from mainstream media to everyday street wear. ciara: one woman army diamond: american woman and didn’t akon have an “american” themed song as well? if i’m not mistaken i could be wrong. idk *shrugs* just my personal opinion (don’t crucify me).


  10. Cassive

    She looks just like Nicki Minaj in that picture above.


    coolio Reply:

    @Cassive, Exactly what I was going to say!


  11. NickiStan



  12. Biggibenzo

    I like Diamond. I really do. And I truly respect an artist that is not afraid to preserve through lack of label finance. But as far as her look goes, she may wanna consider changing the hair, at least the color and wear different sexy attire. Because I know she wants to be more recognized, but it is too hard when she by default has a strong resemblance to Nicki in the face, to top it off with the same blonde Nicki and Keri have and wearing the same bikini as Nicki does, people will think she is trying to be her than trying not to be. I want to see her in the same league cause I’ve been a fan of her since CMob, but she just needs a little more originality. @BiggiBenzo


  13. ladyrt23

    pretty good collaboration! Verse Simmonds was perfect for the hook. like one mentioned, he kinda stole the show cause his voice blended in well with the music. overall, i loved the vid’s concept. i wish Diamond much more success.


  14. umm

    weak lyrics.


  15. LaMont

    Diamond is sexy as hell!!!


    Righteous Reply:

    @LaMont, maybe …if you’re necrophiliac.


  16. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    the song is Dope & Nice Music Video


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