Alicia Keys Promotes App at Apple Store

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been busy promoting her album Girl on Fire, but she turned the focus to another passion of hers—her new app The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee. The singer spoke to a crowd at the Apple Store in SoHo about the interactive app, which is now available for iPhone and iPad.

She was recently put in the hot seat during her visit to Baltimore’s 92Q Jams, and asked whether she thinks Nas or Jay-Z is a better rapper. “I will say Nas,” she told iiKane. “Obviously they’re both incredible lyrically, but Nas for me really goes to a place where he’s able to access concepts and storylines that most people wouldn’t be able to pull together.”

When asked whether Beyoncé or Mary J. Blige is a better singer, she gave the nod to B. “If you just heard her at a piano or a guitar, it’s really pretty spectacular how she sings,” said Alicia, who worked with Beyoncé on “Put It in a Love Song.”

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  1. Dunno

    she’s right nas is better than jay lyrically but jayz of course is the greatest rapper of all time . and bey does have the range but mary has the soul so i wouldnt be about to even compare that one ! totally 2 different artist styles


    Hov Reply:

    @Dunno, all opinions – hov


  2. deeJAY

    This is great app, the kids in the family love it. Its actually good for adults to play too.


    Sonya Reply:

    @deeJAY, Really? Good for adults too? I’ve been dying to see what it’s like but felt a little foolish with a kid’s game. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Children see so much garbage these days. Younger children would love this but the ones maybe 8 or 9 and up would probably think it’s childish. It’s a shame our kids want to grow up so fast. This is a beautiful app and very touching and inspiring. Way to go Alicia.


  3. Meme

    Promoting app, she need to promote her failing music career. These artist be doing the most.


  4. gina

    I FREAKIN LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEEEE YOU ALICIA!! From the first time I saw you perform on 106, to now with girl on fire & FOREVER!! YOU ARE AMAZING!


  5. Dre-Ova

    the truth is nas is a rapper with a lotta street tales and all that always tryinna preach for a change, he is indeed a lyricist with lyrical dexterity, he his very good at just that style but jay z on the other hand is more of a rapping hustler
    who flows in different aspects of street life who often adjusts his style to adapt to the trends of rap of the nowadays as likened to braggadocio and club bangers


  6. bibi93

    beautiful AK!!


  7. LJ

    MJB can’t sing, B was the correct choice.


  8. Sonya

    Guess there’s nothing wrong with being honest but that was mean to ask her those questions and really expect her to answer them. Loving Ms Alicia and Egypt’s little voice in the background? Sounds so sweet.


  9. happy

    Nas is the G.O.A.T! No rapper will ever touch Nas pound from pound lyrically dead or alive. The dude is just a lyrical animal. After hearing his lyrics a few times, you just have to say wow, how did he come up with that!!! The dude is crazy nice on the mic! My dude can’t be touched! Hands down!!! I just wish we had more lyrical rappers like Nas! No knock on you Jay, but you need to leave Kanye and those guys along. Stand Alone!!! Too much shake your but music!!! Dude, you and Nas are the Kings! You two are the only ones we have left. Stay away from that shake your butt music! Catering to a different audience is killing our genre of music!!! Yes, you are a business man! I respect it but your lyrical ability has crashed lately. Make your money and stay true to the rap game!!! Focus more on social and political issues that dampers our people. Please stand for something! I don’t care if you are rich or a broke rapper. Stay true!

    Nas all day and every day!

    -One Love


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