Video: Pitbull f/ TJR – ‘Don’t Stop the Party’


Pitbull is livin’ la vida loca in the video for “Don’t Stop the Party” featuring TJR. Mr. 305 throws a party at a Miami mansion and gets in bed with nearly-naked women in the wild clip. The festivities continue on a yacht with plenty of liquor and more ladies, while a shirtless Pit makes a splash in the sea.

His seventh album Global Warming is due November 19 featuring Shakira, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, and more.

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  1. Tha PHounDation

    This song is catchy as hell. It’s not original necessarily but that is why the club scene is going to be going crazy for this. People will be dancing and screaming this all over the dance floor. You gotta love Pitbull’s style.


  2. Dan

    Does this man own ANY other suits? Lol


  3. Duarte008

    Cool vid


  4. bibi93



  5. saio

    this the only song that sound like the old pitbull from 2004-2008


  6. DHIY



  7. Damien Walter

    What is the nude girls name ? She looks familliar ! o.O


  8. Asa

    He makes it so easy to not like him.


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