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Nicki Minaj Announces E! Series Premiere Date

Nicki Minaj is coming to a TV screen near you next month. Before she makes her debut as a judge on “American Idol” in January, the Pink Friday rapper will give viewers a peek into her life on a new E! reality special.

The three-episode series kicks off Sunday, November 4, at 10:30 p.m. following “Ice Loves Coco.” The 30-minute show will feature candid moments from her personal and professional life with never-before-seen footage.

“We watched the REUP DVD and the 1st episode of the E! series….u guys are going to go crazzzzyyyyy when you see it! NOV19TH DVD, NOV4TH E!” tweeted Nicki, who previously starred in the 2010 MTV documentary “My Time Now.”

The head Barb has a busy month ahead. In addition to her TV show and international tour, she will perform at the American Music Awards on November 18 and release her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up the following day.

  • bm.kk

    exciteeddddd! love ya nicki!

    • @antonysheph

      @bm.kk, I hope she shows footage from her tour! It was amazing, she’s so good live

      • truth(Nicki is a hoe u bitch and i DRAAAGS her stans chile)

        @@antonysheph, im sick of this bitch! YEA I SAID IT HOEZ!! I came on here to throw shade at this bitch AND her stans so catch it!! #360degrees of shade thrown like ninja stars

  • My name is oo


  • proudstan

    My Queen WORKS hard ! Proud of her whether she’s doing pop or hip hop, she’s still winning. I’m even more excited about ‘The Re-Up’ considering it’s going to be fully urban! 11.19.12 let’s go

  • the truth

    That album is gonna FLop so fukkin Bad…….Watch !

    • Vitty

      @the truth, not an album, re-release dumbass

      • Hov

        @Vitty, its an album you dumbfuck

    • Pink

      @the truth, how is it gonna flop? These sales are going towards PF:RR. It’s the same album dumbass lmao

  • coolio

    Love or hate her you gotta admit she’s become a household name. Next thing she needs is her own movie.

    • Lily

      @coolio, YES!

  • sharquality

    Nicki making big moves at the end of the day.

  • Merline Stevens

    “Top billboards 100 states Nicks Roman Reloaded is 135 on the charts”, The Re-up is getting as much advertisement. She going back to hr roots, Only this time she has more then Come up “she the top five tax bracket in the population” rep that rich game. She has evolutionize as a person, I just hope she uses her power toward others and not her own gain . When is her record label coming out. needs a contract.young and hungry, Support the youth. We are the future.

  • Os

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Lily


  • NickiSlaysMe_

    Yes yes yes ! She is winning and all the hoes are hating just what we wanted ! Go Team Minaj ! Nicvember is Ours !!!!

    • Roman must die

      This is nice and all but….Why not put all this effort into making epic music? I mean she’s doing all this for exposure but her music is piss poor and not “slaying” Billboard. Rihanna hasn’t done any promo and Diamonds is in the top 10, last time I heard # 8 on the hot 100 and its doing well on itunes. That means people are actually BUYING and REQUESTING her music. Where is the Boys on the hot 100? She’s basically riding on her popularity and that won’t last. But…..good for you Nicki. Get that attention, whore.

  • Kaylaa

    I’m ready! Nick is WINNING. can’t wait to buy the re up!

  • Angela

    the new show will be called:

    “Nicki Minaj: Life in the Ghetto Circus”

    • Pink

      @Angela, or Nicki Minaj: Life in the Spotlight. Everybody is always checking for Nicki, she is never going away, so deal with her…..


    How do you repackage garbage?

  • @taimiicel

    Epic she’s epic she’s such inspiration

  • Speechless

    It’s not gonna help her album clearly. Why buy the same crap a 2nd time?

  • go_away

    Can she please dispear from the face of the earth.

    • Pink

      @go_away, nope lol expect to see her all over your tv soon.

  • MmmHmm


  • Hov

    great smh – hov

  • Leggo

    Please go away Nicki

    • Pink

      @Leggo, lol not gonna happen

  • Whoa Now…

    Desperate but smart. You can hate on her music but you can’t knock her hustle.

  • Fuck Peace

    Nicki. Just because people see you everywhere doesn’t mean they will buy that flopped rehashed garbage you are re-releasing. You’re becoming very overexposed and annoying. For the sake of all our ears, please you, Roman, Martha, whoever the fuck you are exit the building.

  • Tamar

    Haters are really mad. Damn, if you don’t like her don’t listen to her music, don’t watch her videos, don’t waist your time commenting on her posts, blogs, or success. Really? What good does hating do for you. Smh. “you can hate me but why knock my hustle?” -nicki m.

    • Trillafood

      @Tamar, It’s “Waste”, retard.
      Instead of clit riding Nicki, you should be trying to up your grammar.

  • Mikee_TM


  • NickiStan

    Can’t FUCKING wait

  • Onika Carter

    Next week baby!

  • Trillafood

    She look a lady gaga plum fool in the default pic.
    Anyways, nicki is lame and repetitive and this is coming from someone who used to go hard for her before a lot of late kids became a nicki fan.
    The re-up is supposed to have tracks where she’s straight rapping, I’m not gonna hate right away but we’ll see what she does cause Roman Reloaded was some trash.

    I can’t wait til Azealia Banks album drops. She’s a true talented rapper and singer. She’s gonna murder Nicki’s career.

  • Sally

    Nicki only picked November 4 to go toe-2-toe with Black Girls Rock, featuring Missy Elliott.

    Missy Elliott killed her on 9th Inning and did her promo wearing Adidas Clothing Line to prove she was da 1st to do it. But let’s see if Nicki come back at Missy on the Throw-Up.

  • Sally

    Nicki only chose November 4 to compete with Black Girls Rock, featuring Missy Elliott.

    Missy Elliott creamed her in 9th Inning and did her promo wearing Adidas to show the world she was the 1st female rapper to do it.

  • Setra

    I’m so glad Niki has a three episode series on E! This will be exciting to watch. I look forward to see what her personal and business life is like, with never before-seen-footage that this show will share. I’m glad my DISH coworker suggested this series, I’ll be recording it on my Hopper since I’m never home on Sundays. I love playing back recordings on this DVR because I can start watching on my living room TV and then continue watching on my kitchen TV right where I left off. I can’t wait to see and inside take on Niki’s life.