Mixtape Cover: Nelly – ‘Scorpio Season’

Scorpio Season

Nelly gets in shape for Scorpio Season. The brawny rapper shows off his tatted arms in a black tank top on the cover of his upcoming mixtape, available for download on his birthday, November 2. Just last week, the St. Louis native dropped the first single “CNF (Country Ni**a Fly).”

Scorpio Season is the follow-up to Nelly’s 2011 mixtape O.E.MO, which arrived last Christmas featuring remixes to Drake’s “The Motto,” T-Pain’s “5 O’Clock,” and Machine Gun Kelly’s “Wild Boy.”

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  1. WhoCares

    o_O …

    I just don’t understand. From the weak title to the wack font choice … to the grainy picture … why don’t artists invest in cover art anymore? I can’t.



    @WhoCares, it aint even that hard, anyone with photoshop skills ca clean this up for about 15$ these artists be paying 200$ for shxt like this.


  2. jay

    no ones interested in a nelly mixtape….sorry


    Abolaji Amusa Reply:

    @jay, Shut Your Lips everyone is intrested in nellys mixtape


    southernboss Reply:

    @jay, exactly, co-sign.


  3. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Ohhh! Nelly y u Keep Tryin’ Ni**a.
    Just Hang it up, no one is goin’ to buy your next album.


  4. nelly is the best

    cant wait for the mixtape


  5. tripper27

    thats some blurry ass pic on there! cant wait to hear some old school nelly tho!


  6. Miszi

    The cover sucks :/ . Not only not creative but also lacking in quality.


  7. SimoneCage

    The cover is suppose to look like that. I dont understand Why people dislike his music, if you dont like it dont listen to it. Keep your negative thoughts to your self. But aye.


  8. Akai1988

    The negative comments are pathetic, people now an days are so stupid. If its something you don’t like then why the hell would you even click on the link. Shut the hell up and be smart once in your lives.


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