Behind the Video: Sabi – ‘Champagne’


Sabi raises a glass and celebrates life in the video for “Champagne,” the first single off her upcoming mixtape 0 to 60. The Warner Sound goes on set with the former Bangz member as she throws a house party with her friends in the feel-good visuals.

“The song ‘Champagne’ is just about having a good time and living the luxury life,” said Sabi. “Even if you don’t live the luxury life, tonight you will.”

The tape is due next month and Sabi is also set to star in “Found My Swag,” a new fashion series for The Warner Sound video channel.

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  1. RightHereHuntiCunti



  2. Jada

    Really want her to win!!!


  3. LaMont

    She reminds me so much of Aaliyah!


  4. Mystery

    Remind me of this indie artist name A’von Semaj. Hopefully its as good as “Like A Pistol” cause that jams.


  5. bibi93



  6. ashton poker

    i lover her “where they do that at” is fiyaaa


  7. Lauren



  8. Monty

    She’s so damn gorgeous.


  9. MusicJunkie

    I like her & i want her to win . But she gotta come hard .


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