Meek Mill Announces Dreamchasers Records

Meek Mill

Rick Ross put him on. And now Meek Mill is helping launch the career of his own artists. The Philly rapper has announced plans for his own record label, Dreamchasers Records.

“After my album, I’m opening up my own company called Dreamchasers Records,” he told his hometown crowd at Power 99’s Powerhouse 30 in Philadelphia on Friday, bringing out each member on stage.

The lineup includes Philly raptress Lee Mazin, producer Jahlil Beats, rapper-producer Louie V Gutta, and Goldie.

“This gon’ be the motherfuckin’ new future of Philly,” said Meek, who named the label after his popular mixtapes. “I started from the bottom chasing my motherfuckin’ dreams and I pray to God, we turn up in Philly.”

Meek’s MMG debut Dreams and Nightmares drops this week featuring the Drake-assisted “Amen” and “Young & Gettin’ It” featuring Kirko Bangz.

Announcement begins at the 27 min. mark.


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  1. Iller



  2. Sandile

    Goodluck to him,He’s thinking ahead


  3. urrr maaaam

    Way too early I think



    Lee Amazin is that BITCH by the way. Check her out


    Sassyandclassy Reply:

    @BOOKED, Girl go sit yo butch looking ass down commenting on yourself talking bout you dat Bitch girl nobody knows you. And you sound like Meek write your music so we don’t need you if we got him


    BOOKED Reply:

    @Sassyandclassy, Girl shut your hamster mouth ass down and move around. Like I said Lee Amazin is that bitch. Go hand on Nicki 6 feet teeth ho


  5. California Dreamer

    Um he’s barely established himself! Umm sorry but he hasn’t even sold enough records to be doin all this! He needs to worry bout establishing a career for himself first! But I do like his boss mindset!


    Meme Reply:

    @California Dreamer, exactly


  6. KeepIt100

    I’m all about living out your dreams, but you have to work towards them. So now we get labels before we drop our first album…? Does a few successful mixtapes = I earned my own label…?

    I just don’t get why they can’t just focus on making the best music possible. Everyone wants a label!


  7. Glamour Puss

    I don’t care for him, but I’m happy that he’s showcasing his city’s talent! I wish my hometown would do the same :(


  8. AllAmerykhanBoy

    “That’s Pink Friday Records and OVO”


    THEDON Reply:

    @AllAmerykhanBoy, Get outta here with that garbage


  9. Sassyandclassy

    Don’t move fast Meek enjoy your success before u bring them wack acts on


  10. WhoCares

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, diddly dee-dee, there they are standing in a row … big ones, small ones, some as big as your head … oh, I’d never have to do this to Mufasa … What?! What did you see? … ohhh nothing … You know the law, never ever mention that name in my presence, I AM THE KING. Yes, sire, you are the king …


  11. coco

    Um. Ok. shudda waited a bit longer before he’s helping artist when he himself still needs help.
    congrats to him though.


  12. Pereezy YMCMB MMG DreamChasers Records

    Yeah!!! My Nigga Keep Doin’ Big


  13. RED

    “Everybody got a label,Everybody’s a rapper but few flow fatal its fucked up it all started from TWO TURNTABLES!” NAS.


  14. Meme

    But wait he doesn’t even have a hit single yet tho…where is he going


  15. eyeconic1

    Damn….I smell the hate oozin off this page…He doing it..she doing it…why hate on somebody hustle and flow…that’s the problem with ppl. He doing it right you get on you help the next and so on and so and so on. That’s how you become a leader you build a army. If he in the position why not. Yall bottom of the fuckin barrel feeders on here talking shit. Find a way to get on to whatever your dream is. If not keep sleeping motherfuckers. Meek put on for his city. Lee you do ya thang yungin. You hungry you fire and you got many more years to perfect your craft. Philly stand up. And the haters gonna be standing wit they hands out. If you dont like neither one of them turn ya radios off. Bit guess what they aint going nowhere. LOL! #phillystandup


  16. shaq_da_man

    Naaa way way to early. meeks ill but he ain’t gon dat far 2 be startin his own ting, dats a bit drastic.


  17. Dewayne Stanley

    Shit meek doing grown man shit. I need to be sign with them dream chaser to now.


  18. Dewayne Stanley

    I bet I can bring some shit to the table, and eat at the same time. Get at me meek, come listen to ya boy and sign him.


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  21. ntobeko

    I bet yal the same people that told obama he cudnt be the president!!!!….lil snupe is on fire….jahill beats are on point


  22. routers

    routers || Meek Mill Announces Dreamchasers Records

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