Toni Braxton Talks Tragedy and Triumph on ‘Behind the Music’

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton’s life was made for a “Behind the Music” special. The sultry songstress, who has sold over 60 million records worldwide and won six Grammys, opened up about everything from bankruptcy (“I was humiliated”) to battling lupus to her son’s autism last night on VH1.

The preacher’s daughter got her start with her sisters The Braxtons, but was eventually faced with the tough decision of choosing family over a solo career and living with the guilt. She also reflected on getting reprimanded by Oprah on national television, finding love, and starting a family, with commentary from those who know her best including Babyface, L.A. Reid, her sisters, and mother.

Watch Toni share her story in the full “Behind the Music” episode.

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  1. MmmHmm



  2. Morgan

    LMFAO @ her reading Oprah. Toni is still pissed, all these years later.


  3. Meme

    I tear up. Toni is the original it girl. The first singer I ever Stan over. I’m so still crazy over her


    Pereezy YMCMB MMG DreamChasers Records Reply:

    @Meme, Lol, Are u 40 years old or something?
    Hmmm! Wait, u don’t have money to buy some new music…


    Meme Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG DreamChasers Records, this comment is dumb on so many levels. I’m 25, and I have plenty money that I spend on my fav, that why she stays #1. Can’t believe I am responding to your retardedness


    Frttic Reply:

    @Meme, taking pride in stanning he most pathetic thing a you can do in life


    Heather Reply:

    @Meme, “I have plenty money that I spend on my fav, that’s why she stays at #1.” LMFAO….you better tell that troll, girl!


  4. Well....

    I have so much respect for this woman after watching this. She’s a strong woman for real.

    Arista, BMG (Sony), LA and Babyface need to pay her her money ASAP.


  5. Victoria

    That Oprah interview is hilarious. She went in!!


  6. Arie

    She is a beautiful spirit.God bless her.


  7. Pereezy YMCMB MMG DreamChasers Records

    Lol she Look Fat as F**k. A FatB**ch Tha’s That S**t I don’t Like.


    Quest Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG DreamChasers Records, Anything that doesn’t involve jerking off to Lil Wayne is the shit that you don’t like.


  8. Truth

    The same thing happened with TLC. Something tells me that Clive Davis had all Toni Braxtons money since he was the head of Arista that dude is a fish. So basically Toni signed a deal where she doesnt profit off nothing she does. Her first album sold 10 million copies, second 15 Mill and no checks? Thats so fked up so she was working for nothing? Thats Millions of dollars she should be pocketing cause now there artists who only go Platinum who are making more than she was and she was outselling most artists. Yeah id be suing that label for everything there worth id be PISSED.


  9. Oh Hell Naw

    She was the first lady of Laface and they treated her like dog shit. She made so much money for her label and they didnt give her shit? Had some of the biggest hits of the 90′s and best album sales yet she isnt getting payed? That shoulda been getting Mariah Carey Money, Beyonce money. She got screwed.


    Oh Hell Naw Reply:

    @Oh Hell Naw, *She Shoulda


  10. Enough Said

    Just for the shit her label put her through she should get 20 million a year for the rest of her life.


  11. Sally

    It wasn’t Oprah boo, it was your greedy sisters. You hired them as backup singers and they allowed you to treat them like VIP. If you would have hired an outside group as backup singers, they would have gotten the backup singers contract, which is sharing rooms and sometimes sleeping at a different hotel with a daily per diem.


  12. Sally

    One thing we can all agree on is that the Braxtons got some serious cosmetic surgery. They look nothing like they did in their youth.


  13. Luke

    HUGE RESPECT for Toni, this made me a fan too! Stay strong!

    LA Reid should be in jail, he’s doing the same to other artists like Ciara etc..


  14. Yasmine

    Doesn’t Toni Braxton sing electropop/dance music now? Girl please. Come from Oprah when you go back to your roots … the music that made people fall in love with you.


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