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Miley Cyrus Dresses as Nicki Minaj for Halloween

It’s Barbie, bitch! Miley Cyrus channels hip-hop’s leading lady, Nicki Minaj, for Halloween. The pop superstar revealed her sexy costume on Twitter, rocking a curly yellow wig, cheetah-print catsuit, and Chinese arm tattoos. She completed the look with butt pads to accentuate her rear.

“@NICKIMINAJ you a stupppppiddddd hoe #stupittttstupitttt,” Miley tweeted to Nicki.

Does Miley make a convincing Minaj? Weigh in below.

  • Cranberry

    Miley Cyrus is darker than Nicki Minaj. That’s the real ki.

    • OMG



        @OMG, DEAD!

    • Queen Kimmy Blanco

      @Cranberry, You just a dumb bitch aint ya ?

      • ………………..

        @Queen Kimmy Blanco, You just a dumb bitch aint ya?

    • Issa


      • WHO?

        @Issa, LOOOOL Miley is funny AF. She sublimanly dissing Nicki while tweeting her “you a stupid hoe” hahahaha

        • Bougie Kid

          @WHO?, You’re dumb as hell. Miley is thirsty for a feature as she expressed wanting one before.

    • Larone

      @Cranberry, I can’t. lmao

    • Jay-Me

      @Cranberry, Lmao this is some next lev el hat. You know Miley was “Black Miley Cirus, sayin hi t’ pirates” as she was dressing up.

  • fair maiden rihanna gate


  • NickibeenqueenthO

    Yassssssssssssssss werk kute bitch

  • fam-dee

    this is too funny

  • Rauno

    Finally someone get’s the concept of Halloween and dresses up as a scary thing, in Nicki Minaj.

  • Tay

    Yes they both have butt pads and are stupid hoes. Glad Miley did it better then Dicki Garbage… Now all she needs is Romnesia and weak ass pop raps

  • I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna

    It’s funny but lowkey disrespectful. Especially tweeting to Nicki, “you a stupid hoe.” Of all Nicki’s songs to quote, why that one? If she wanted to but in booty pads, she would have been better off dressing up as Christina Aguilera – at least they’re the same color.

    • REM

      @I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna, But Nicki’s hair, make up, and ass are fake…Lighten up she’s having fun

      • I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna

        @REM, and…? so is Christina Aguliera’s. Your point?

        • REM

          @I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna,
          Well you just contradicted yourself. Its not disrespectful then is it?

          • Phoenix Wright

            @REM, OOP!!!! truth

          • I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna

            @REM, No it still is and if your comprehension skills were working properly, you’d know that dressing up as anyone (who looks they way they do in real life) is disrespectful – doesn’t matter who it is & the tweet was also disrepectful. See?

          • SdotB

            @I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna, so it’s disrespectful to dress up as Elvis, Michael Jackson, Rick Ross, Teyana Taylor, or any other celeb that many people dress up like for Halloween?

            hmmm don’t think so…if Nicki ain’t takin offense to it then why are u?

    • Victoria

      @I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna, Nicki made the damn song. Doesn’t exactly have a positive message, does it?

      • I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna

        @Victoria, Nicki is an artist, not a role model – recognize the difference. Miley posing nude with her father, while being a Disney star isn’t exactly a positive message either, no?

    • Mashatom

      @I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna, LOL What are you talking about Nicki is white now to! have you not seen the pound the alarm video where she bleached herself whiter then the white girls in the video

  • Jay

    LOL I love the costume! I wouldn’t have expect that at all. :)

  • Cherryfalls

    This is a fail because I wouldn’t be able to guess who she was without someone telling me. As light as she looks now, Nicki is still black (light not white). I don’t care for Miley Cyrus, she tries too hard all the time. CHILL!

    • :)

      @Cherryfalls, It doesn’t matter what color she is. She’s obviously dressed like Nicki Minaj.

      • Cherryfalls

        @:), I never said she couldn’t be Nicki because she’s white. That was in response to all the comments about Nicki’s skin being light, and no minus the butt pads it isn’t all that obvious. I’m just glad she didn’t dress in black face.

        • :)

          @Cherryfalls, LOL, my fault!

  • cielo

    did miley get the samer tattoes as Nicki Minaj 0_0

  • MmmHmm


  • me

    I don’t like her music but gotta give the girl props:

    Best diss this year so far!

  • Free Your Mind

    Those butt pads miley was wearing was hilarious!!

  • CR00K$

    Hahah The shade is immense.

  • Roll Tide Roll


  • Andy James

    Wow Miley !!! Ofcourse She’s a stupid : Stupid Whooo whooo whooo whooo

  • Andy James

    Wow Miley !!! Ofcourse She’s a stupid : Stupid Whooo whooo whooo whooo. I be laughing !!

  • yep!

    Looks like Lady Gaga to me….LOL

  • Fuck Peace

    Wow! Seeing someone else dressed like Nicki Minaj makes it easy to see how much she dresses/looks like Lil Kim and Lady Gaga! Btw Miley’s cute.

  • bibi93


  • BreezyLover

    wow i never knew people still have issues with skin colour. you need to chill.

    • RealIsh

      @BreezyLover, AMEN.