New Music: Bruno Mars – ‘Young Girls’

Young Girls

The ladies get the best of Bruno Mars on “Young Girls,” the latest release off his sophomore album Unorthodox Jukebox, due December 11.

“Oh you young wild girls, you make a mess of me/ Yeah you young wild girls, you’ll be the death of me,” sings the hopeless romantic, who debuted the song on “SNL” earlier this month.

Bruno received praise from fellow pop star Lady Gaga, who wrote, “Locked Out of Heaven is one of the best pop songs in ages. You killed it. We love it so much.”

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    child molester. he could have named it “beautiful girls” he can sing though.


  2. That GUY

    ^ LOL I agree. This is gonna b a pedophile’s anthem


  3. get it

    How dumb could you be? @SLICKERTHANSLY He has nothing on you and should name his laters single beautiful girls? Think about it.. And keep doing that before you post next time.



    @get it, this not much to thing about other than your ignorance.


    Ambivalence Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, Do all young girls have to be below 18 then? Can’t they be aged 18-23? You’re effing stupid.


  4. RisRobot

    Unorthodox Jukebox gonn be a classic. Bruno Mars is dopeness overload.


  5. Dominic Anthony

    This song is amazing !!!


  6. mia

    Lol a pedophile’s anthem, it’s not like bruno is old or something, he’s still in his 20′s and ofcourse he’s gonna fall in love with young girls, anyway the song is amazing and bruno never fails.


  7. T.K.

    You guys love controversy, don’t you? SMH, Lloyd has a song called ‘hey young girl’, so does The Distillers (& also some other bands), and I’m pretty sure Pharell has a song called ‘Young Girl’ as well. Anyway, both Bruno’s current gf, and also his ex-gf, are both a few years older than him. Lol I can’t believe I’m actually explaining this to you fools -_- I’m pretty sure that this song is about his past relationship with Rita Ora.


  8. E.Dot

    Ehh…Bruno’s first album was hot, but for some reason, I’m not too thrilled about the stuff I’ve been hearing from him lately. It’s iight! #kanyeshrug


  9. Xhark

    Freaking gross, You need to go to jail Bruno Mars!! You disgusting pedo!!!


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