New Music: Soulja Boy – ‘There Go Soulja’

Young and Flexin'

Soulja Boy brags about his riches as he rides around in his foreign whip on the boastful “There Go Soulja,” the first single off his mixtape Young & Flexin’, which drops November 6.

Before releasing the song, he took shots at Bow Wow on Twitter (“I ain’t tryna go broke like @ymcmb_bw did”), to which the “106 & Park” host responded, “We wish Soulja the best. Hope he can deliver us a video and bring it to my show. Im sure his fans would love that. #MrBET #Mr106andpark.” They later settled their differences over the phone.

“NOT A DISS SONG IM JUST REAL,” Soulja Boy said of the track.

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  1. Gob1in

    Is it possible to get ear cancer from music? If so, I just got it.

    Good on him for doing his own thing and not giving a poop about what others think, but this is just a wreck.


  2. Thor

    Seriously! This guy is still making noise? Dude dont try too hard kiss me through the phone was your one hit wonder


  3. will

    LMFAO This shit is wack as fuck!! lool


  4. freshed

    not a diss just being real? Y not just tell bow wow he’s a black host of 106? #lame


  5. AMX

    all i can say : hahahahahahahahahahaha stupid shit wat happened to music


  6. Enough Said

    so wack i hope his label never releases another album from him aagin ive never heard worse music in my entire life


  7. Ramon

    Seriously, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy?

    Beef between a has-been & a never-was … how entertaining.


  8. Nickibeenqueentho

    Whackkkk !!!!


  9. Vitty

    bitch why you still releasing fuckass music?


  10. Swag

    Don’ t hate, this song is hard af! – freebandz


  11. Dbobb199



  12. GSTAR

    HAS BEEN! have a seat boi….. /_/_/_/_/



    SMH I fucking hate this guy…Lmao


  14. Long dick style

    wait a minute..isnt this mixtape cover the same as Nas one where he chills with the radio?


  15. RC

    soulja wack as hell right now


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