Video: Diamond – ‘The Thirst’


After dropping the visuals for “American Woman” last week, Diamond gets dolled up in the video for “The Thirst.” Crime Mob’s former First Lady turns heads as she enters a room in red heels and a sparkly bra. She changes into a short blonde wig and bejeweled headpiece as she assumes her throne.

“The thirst-quenching vampires are all up in Diamond’s section smoking her weed up and wanting to get a taste of miss 32 flavaz herself,” reads the YouTube description.

The song appears on Diamond’s mixtape The Young Life, which dropped in August.

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  1. jfoisjo

    she kinda look like Nicki


    JuanR Reply:

    @jfoisjo, actually too much…


    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @JuanR, a lot like nicki


  2. Chris

    I LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! I love the concept and she executes everything very well IMO!!! #teamdiamond #tpb #teampretty___



    her gestures are a bit too manly, she needa embrace that sexy cause she fine as hell, all them hardcore movements kinda kills it.


  4. Stop!

    I just got irritated watching this….smh


  5. WhoCares

    Is that Diamond or Cubic Zirconia?


  6. AllAmerykhanBoy

    This song is whack. She’s whack. Next chick.


  7. KingAB and C

    Beautifull girl, boring video, catchy song..


  8. MmmHmm



  9. Kenya

    I like the song to be honest… I dont know why we allow so many wack dudes in the game but when it comes to the females we are extra critical.. she sound better than 2 chainz, gucci, wakka, roscoe, all dem retrards.


  10. Amanda

    woah at 1:00 – 1:02 i think she looked JUST like nicki damn girl


  11. THEDON

    She is Much much better than Nicki Minaj.


    Anon Reply:

    @THEDON, That’s where you lied.


  12. Sassyandclassy

    Yawnsssss and plus she looks dirty to me so no thanks zirconia


  13. Rihanna



  14. BraveHeart

    Its cute & decent she DOES NOT LOOK like Nicki yall kill me with that ALWAYS tryna compare somebody to somebody else!!!!!


    J Reply:

    @BraveHeart, Sorry, but that’s what people do today.


  15. Brandy4ever

    looooooool this song


  16. Jade

    Her outfit and hair reminds of Nicki from the ‘Lil Freak’ video. Just saying.


  17. thaythay

    Diamond is better than nicki
    love her ♥


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