New Music: Ludacris f/ Usher & David Guetta – ‘Rest of My Life’

Rest of My Life

Ludacris switches lanes on his brand new single “Rest of My Life.” Following the release of “Jingalin’” and “Representin” with Kelly Rowland, the Atlanta rapper teams with Usher and David Guetta on the dance floor-ready record, for which a video has already been shot.

“Got somewhere to go, but the world is moving slow/ I was born for the fast life,” croons Usher before the fist-pumping beat kicks in.

The song will be available on iTunes tomorrow and is set to appear on Ludacris’ upcoming album Ludaversal, due early next year.

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  1. MishX

    i Love iT !! another HIT !! #LudaNation


  2. DJInVincible74

    Luda is bringing the heat with this one!


    Pereezy YMCMB MMG Reply:

    @DJInVincible74, Man! I didn’t have chance to see Tupac Runnin’ the rapgame, N**as like Luda and Snoop had, But they didn’t learn nothing about loyalty! If u Love somethin’ ”Hip Hop” u gotta stay loyal to it the rest of yo Life. I’m 19 and I got more Tupac Livin in me Than these rappers that learned something from him.


  3. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Luda! I Like Yo Real Rap Music But Pop-Rap Tha’s That S**t I don’t Like.
    Why Yall have to go Pop To Achieve some success?? I’m Losin’ the respect.


  4. MishX

    it’s amazing ….. i Love IT ! #LudaNation


  5. greg

    So many cliches I lost count. David Guetta is one of the worst things that’s happened to music.


  6. Jillian

    Another banga #LudaNation approved!!!


  7. narzyst

    cant belive that luda recorded shit like this. wtf is going on….whats next? 2pac ft guetta haha every fucking song is still the same

    shame on luda for this now im done with ludaversal


  8. Rauno

    Stop using hashtags everywhere.


  9. me

    Not Guetta again -_____-


  10. Sharp Tongue

    I’m sorry I can ‘t get into this.


  11. mus

    The song is okay, but not okay for Luda. Just cant take him seriously on this. Its bad enough that weve pretty much lost the r&b genre to Dance music. Will this set a precendt for all rappers to start doing dance music too, smh.
    Representin was hot, should stayy on that urban lane, thats brought you fame and fortune Luda


  12. Cedric

    This song is a different sound for Luda not the best Luda & Usher collab I will still cop #Ludaversal #LudaNation


  13. Stutterfly

    HE tried to make a club track…
    that wont play at the club


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